6 Care Tips after Buying a Used RV

an RV on the road with mountains in the background

Purchasing a used RV is a great money-saving idea. After you have selected the right used RV, check it out thoroughly before taking it on the road. Here are 6 tips that will get you off to a good start once you have purchased your used RV.

Tip 1: Get an Oil Change

Take your RV in for an oil change. When buying a used vehicle of any type it's always best to start off with a fresh oil change. It is easy to take the previous owner's word as to when maintenance was last performed, but an oil change is so important to the proper running of your RV that it should not be overlooked. In fact, if you fail to get an oil change done at the proper interval, the oil may run low and cause your engine to seize. A seized engine can cost many thousands of dollars to fix or replace.

Tip 2: Take the RV to a Mechanic

Take your used RV to your local RV mechanic. Have them do a full once over of your RV. Make them take a look at all the mechanical components to insure they are running properly. If they spot problems that need to be updated, replaced or repaired, do it at this time. Again, this is really a full health check-up report for your used RV. Once you have completed your health checkup, you will know exactly what you will need to budget for in the future (for replacement and the like).

Tip 3: Fit Your RV to Your Truck

Pull out your truck and make sure the hitch is compatible with the ball and hitch on the RV. Check the electrical plugs. If the electrical is not working appropriately, your braking system will not work. Check to see that the fittings are well placed. If there is anything amiss, update your tow package to fit with your used RV.

Tip 4: Clean Your RV Interior

Clean the used RV from top to bottom. You will want to clean out the cupboards, the accessories and any of the appliances. This will give it a squeaky clean feeling and touch. Bring out all your mops, brushes, clothes, soap and cleaning supplies to give your RV a full bath.

Tip 5: Clean the RV Exterior

Take some time to clean up the exterior of your used RV. While you spend some time cleaning up the RV exterior, check to see if there are any loose panels or loose spots in the roof. This gives you a perfect opportunity to fix some of the exterior blemishes or problems. Wash the exterior completely.

Tip 6: Add Your Personal Touches

Last, but certainly not least, start to add your personal touches so that you can make it just like a home away from home. Make a list of all the items that are important to you and get them put into your used RV. Add personal touches and small decorations. You will love traveling in your very own home away from home.