6 Chain Hoist Safety Tips to Remember

If you need a tool that will help you lift stuff efficiently, a chain hoist is ideal. The device incorporates a sturdy chain and pulleys, among other features. Powered by electricity, the chain hoist is an excellent aid when you need to get heavy jobs done easily. Various models are available on the market with a wide price range. Some chain hoists have more features than others, but any model is an efficient tool where heavy work is involved. Like with most electrical equipment, you should practice some safety measures when you work with a chain hoist. Below are six tips.

Check the Chain Hoist before You Operate

You must ensure all features are in good working condition before operations commence. Pay extra attention to the breaks and other controls. If you notice anything amiss, make the necessary adjustments. Should you detect any signs of wear and tear or other defects, do not proceed with use until all necessary repairs have been done. Never overlook a thorough check, which can help avert a serious accident.

Securely Attach All Loads

Loads must be securely attached onto the hook and reflect a good balance. Loads that are not well-slung can cause an accident in the course of your work. It is better to lower the load and adjust it so it hangs properly. You must place the load in a middle position underneath the hoist. Do not stand underneath the hoist when it is loaded, whether the machine is in motion or not. If you have other people with you when you work, be sure the hoist doesn’t carry loads over them. Do not ride on loads at any time. Avoid overloading the chain hoist because the machine may not cope with the load. If a load drops, it could result in much damage or an accident.

Handle the Hoist Properly

Be sure the load chain has a clear path as it operates. Obstructions will disrupt the flow of work.

Avoid lowering the chain to its maximum tension level. The higher level of stress could trigger an accident.

Do not touch the machine parts that have live electricity running through. You could get electrocuted.

Lubricate Your Chain Hoist Regularly

Maintain a regular lubrication schedule for your chain hoist. A well-lubricated hoist works smoothly and efficiently. It is also less likely to jam and disrupt work. When regularly oiled, the chain hoist will keep in good working condition for a longer time.

Comply with Warning Labels

Warning labels carry vital safety information. Keep these labels clearly visible. In the course of work, a quick look at the labels helps keep you on track. Do not remove the labels at any time. If the labels get obscured at some point, be sure to adjust them so they are in full view.

Conduct Regular Inspections

It pays to have your chain hoist inspected once every 6 months, or sooner if you use it frequently. Regular inspections ensure the machine is in good working condition. On the other hand, unsafe operating equipment exposes you to increased danger. If you don't inspect the chain hoist on a regular basis, you may not know when it has become unsafe.