6 Clear-Cut Steps to Staining Concrete Pavers

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What You'll Need
Concrete pavers
Concrete sealer
Exterior paint
Paint sprayer
Large bucket
Paint stick
Old sheet

Staining concrete pavers can transform them from dull, solid color tones to personalized designs in bright, vibrant hues. Concrete stains are available in both acid-based and water-based dyes. Water-based concrete stains are the simplest and easiest dyes to use. Follow the simple steps below to effectively create your own concrete paver stain at home, in colors of your own choosing.

Step 1 – Choosing Your Concrete Pavers

Visit your local landscaping or home improvement store to purchase your pavers. Choose the shape and size of paver you want to install. You may decide to choose pieces in various shapes and sizes in order to create your own design pattern. Be sure to choose pavers in neutral tones. Neutral tones are the easiest ones for covering with stain. You will need to be sure you purchase enough pavers for your entire landscaping project.

Step 2 – Choosing Your Concrete Paver Stain Color

While you are still at the home improvement store, speak with a professional about your plans to make your own stain for your concrete pavers. You will need to purchase a colorless concrete sealer and a water based exterior paint color that will work well with your landscaping design.

Step 3 – Preparing Your Concrete Pavers

Check the weather reports before you begin to stain your pavers. Wait for a day or two of good weather to work on your stain project.

Lay your old sheet on the ground outside, and place the pavers onto the sheet. Use a brush to apply a coat of the concrete sealer to each piece. Allow the sealer enough time to dry completely. Apply a second coat of sealer to the pavers. Allow the second coat of sealer to dry thoroughly.

Step 4 – Preparing the Concrete Paver Stain

In your bucket, combine the same amount of paint, sealer and water. Use a paint stick to thoroughly mix the stain. Pour the stain into the paint sprayer. Apply the stain with paint sprayer onto the pavers. The sprayer will ensure an even coat of stain. Allow the stain enough time to completely dry. Apply a second coat of stain, and allow to thoroughly dry.

Step 5 – Sealing the Stain on the Concrete Pavers

To seal the stain on the pavers, you will need to apply more sealer. Use your brush to add 2 coats of sealer over the stain, allowing each coat to thoroughly dry.

Step 6 – Repeating the Process

If you would like, you can repeat the staining process, using a different stain color. Use a different exterior paint color to create another stain. Apply the stain to some of the other pavers to create a pattern of colored pavers.