6 Common Uses for a Butterfly Valve

You can use a butterfly valve to control the flow of water, gas, air, or any type of liquid through pipes and tubes. In some cases they are also used to control and handle dry materials. The butterfly valve consists of a circular disc and is made of a body, a disc, a stem, and a seat, which comprise the so called trim features. The shut off mechanism takes the form of a large disc that opens and closes; although simple in their function, they are very useful and versatile. If you choose the right valve for the right place and task you can easily accomplish your task and the intended services. Here is a list of common uses of butterfly valves today.

1.Shut off Valves

The butterfly valve is the best shut off valve you can find. It takes much lesser space than typical ball valves and they offer much tighter and better closing sealing. They are used for most liquid materials, because they offer an inexpensive and efficient shut off method for easy handling of these materials that could easily escape or even be displaced as the valve disc closes. The butterfly valves offer a very effective and reliable shut off that can make a huge difference.

2. Carburetors

Our cars use carburetors that use butterfly valves. The gas pedal in the car uses this type of valve to control the air that comes in and out of the engine. When the driver presses the gas pedal hard to the floor, the valve is supposed to open completely, allowing the air to come in the carburetor. The air that comes in blends with the gas and goes to the combustion chamber where the engine ignites them, therefore, the car can move the way we want it.

3. The Pneumatic System

Any device that uses a pneumatic system can make use of the butterfly valves. The working of this type of valve is similar to the ball valves, therefore it can regulate the flow of air and liquid when required, working with a pneumatic system and controlling the output flow.

4. Ships

The butterfly valves are commonly used aboard ships, because they function well with saltwater and oil, or any type of water and temperature. These valves are very light and small enough to be used in delicate piping systems in ships.

5. Firefighting Devices and Apparatus

The butterfly valves are commonly used in firefighting apparatus because they also work well with freshwater and offer easy and prompt handling, which is necessary during firefights. They provide easy throttling and they have adequate pressure limits, both of which are great advantages for their use in firefighting pipes and tubes. They are used as control valves in this case because they provide easy and effective control. They are also less expensive than other types of valves, so they can be easily replaced if needed.

6. Hydroelectric Power Stations

One of the most common uses of butterfly valves is in Hydroelectric power stations: since they are relatively flexible, versatile and efficient, the large valves are used in water inlet pipes in these stations, providing a reliable shut off when needed.