6 Common Uses for a Garden Incinerator

Waste happens on a daily basis at your home, and you can alleviate this problem with a garden incinerator. You can purchase a commercial garden incinerator at your local home or garden store. If you do not want to spend the money you could also create your own garden incinerator. There are other things you can do to incinerate your garden and home waste without having to build or purchase a garden incinerator. The following article will share with you both the common and uncommon uses of a garden incinerator.

Fire Pit

The backyard or garden is often an area where friends and family can gather throughout the year. A garden incinerator, though used mainly for waste, can also be used as a fire pit. If you have wood to burn, newspapers and other such materials you can dispose of them in your garden incinerator. The garden incinerator can be a fire pit where you burn the aforementioned articles. You, family and friends can sit around the fire roasting marshmallows, making s'mores or just enjoying the company of others.

Garden Waste Disposal

This is obviously the most common use for a garden incinerator. Waste is something that you cannot avoid when you have a garden. This can come in the form of excess word, dead leaves and branches among other debris and rubbish. The ash that is created can be used in your garden as a moisture and weed barrier. There are some craft projects you can do using the ash as well by mixing it in paint for added texture.

Grill and Smoker

Certain garden debris, when burned, can make for very flavorful meats. An enclosed garden incinerator can be used as a meat smoker with some very minimal changes. You simply begin to burn the garden materials as you would normally and add the meat to another area where the smoke will escape to. The meat will get cooked from the warmth of the smoke as well as take on its flavor. Do some research on the material you are burning to make sure it will not be toxic. Not all wood, for example, is safe to use as a smoking agent. If you have an open garden incinerator such as a larger pit of barrel then you can actually use it as a sort of homemade grill.

Money Saver

A garden incinerator is obviously used to incinerate a myriad of waste that you make on a daily basis. Doing this yourself can save you a lot of money. You would be spending money on having your garbage picked up and disposed of or paying someone else money to incinerate it for you.

External Heater

Many people enjoy sitting outside at night or during the winter to take in the fresh air and nature. Unfortunately it gets very cold which makes prolonged exposure become unbearable. A garden incinerator can become an inexpensive way to heat a small radius outside the home.