6 Companion Plants for Tomatoes 6 Companion Plants for Tomatoes

The idea of using companion plants with tomatoes isn’t a new concept. Certain plants can help keep pests and diseases at bay so the tomatoes can grow better.


Onions and similar pungent plants like garlic and chives make excellent companion plants for tomatoes as the odor helps to keep a number of pests at bay.


Asparagus and tomatoes are good tomato plants because of their growth cycles, and the tomato plant helps the asparagus by keeping the asparagus beetle away.


Marigolds are commonly grown as companion plants for tomatoes as they keep harmful nematodes away. As they have a strong smell they also work on other insects that can damage tomato plants. After the marigolds have grown, cut them into small pieces and work into the soil.


Tomato hornworm can kill tomato plants. Borage is very effective at keeping tomato hornworm away. It will also entice bees into your garden which will help the growth of other plants.


Basil and tomatoes work well as companion plants. There’s no benefit in terms of pest or bugs but each plant will have improved flavor from being companion plants.


If you want to keep aphids and whitefly from your tomatoes, try using nasturtiums as companion plants for your tomatoes.

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