6 Contemporary Bathroom Design Ideas

modern bathroom with neutral colors.
  • 0-80 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 0-15,000

The sleek, minimalist style of contemporary bathrooms feature a streamlined, uncluttered look with an emphasis on textures, materials, lines, lighting, and cutting edge design. The overall color tone is generally neutral, sticking to shades of white, black, cream, earth tones and gray. Some people like to include a color highlight, such as painting a wall an accent color, to make the room "pop" without disrupting the overall simplicity of the contemporary bathroom.

An important component of a contemporary bathroom is consistency of design. You do not want an eclectic look. Everything should work together to create a sophisticated modern space.

1. Brushed Metal

Metal is often used as a major component of contemporary bathroom design, especially brushed metal. It's a popular choice for people who want a strong, urban edge for the bathroom. Metal can be used as an accent material for bathroom hooks, shelving, and towel bars. It can also be used as a theme for the sink, shower, and bathtub. Popular metals for contemporary bathrooms include nickel, brushed steel, stainless steel, and chrome. Many people who choose contemporary bathrooms like metal because it coordinates easily with a wide range of other design elements.

2. Fabrics and Textures

Fabric and texture can be used to attractively offset a contemporary bathroom design that features a lot of metal. Fabric and texture can also serve to soften noise levels in a metal bathroom. Materials such as batik, linen, cotton velvet, raw cotton, and waffle-textured cotton can be used for towels, bathroom rugs, and shower curtains. Be wary of patterns, particularly busy or intricate fabric patterns, because everything needs to harmonize with the overall look of sleek simplicity.

3. Natural Stones

modern bathroom with natural stone walls, flooring, and sink

Natural stone is another popular material for contemporary bathroom design, especially oversized stone tiling for the floor. Natural stone in muted earth tones such as gray, taupe, and warm browns give the bathroom space the tranquil feel of a resort or spa. A contemporary bathroom design with natural stone walls and oversized tiling can be offset by a bathroom suite with strong, clean shapes, and by installing sleek mirrors.

4. Wall-Hung Appliances

If your bathroom walls have been checked for sufficient sturdiness and strength, you might consider choosing a wall hung sink basin or vessel and a wall hung toilet, which will enhance the modernist appearance of a contemporary bathroom. The wall-hung installation clears floor space and simplifies bathroom cleaning.

5. Free Standing Bathtub

white bathtub with towels draped on the side

Consider a free-standing bathtub. Free-standing bathtubs are more commonly associated with a vintage bathroom, but there are many streamlined and contemporary free-standing bathtub designs available.

6. Lighting

Recessed lighting, sleek sconces, and track lighting are logical lighting options for a look that both highlights and integrates well with contemporary design. Strip lighting over areas like the bathroom sink can serve as task lighting.

Some people like floor lamps in compatible materials such as brushed metal, or in a bold color such as turquoise. Others take a different approach and choose a pendant chandelier to highlight the spare and spacious-looking design of the rest of the bathroom space. Whatever your preference, the key idea to bear in mind is that lighting for the contemporary bathroom is an essential design element as well as a practical necessity.