6 Creative Details for an Oak Headboard 6 Creative Details for an Oak Headboard

There are many types of oak headboards that you can choose for your bed. Do not take into account the size of your bed when looking over these options. They are basically offered in some form for any sized bed.

1. Shelved

Shelved oak headboards differ from bookcase headboards in that they are commonly squat and only have shelves extending off the sides of the headboard so that you will not be leaning against them. In between, where you lean against the headboard, there are usually small drawers or compartments to store personals like reading glasses and such. The advantage to such a headboard is that it is decorative and functional.

2. Mirrored

A mirrored oak headboard is a headboard that has a mirror mounted above the bed. It is high enough so that you will not lean against it while lying down. There is no real functionality to the headboard expect for decorative purposes. It is too high and its location does not allow for you to use it as a mirror at all.

3. Sleigh

The sleigh oak headboard is a very popular style with queen and king sized beds. The fashionable headboard is a great investment because it is simple, sturdy and durable. As long as you keep sharp objects away from it to reduce risk of scratching this headboard will last a long time.

4. Bookcase

The bookcase oak headboard is a much larger headboard than all those listed here. Beside the solid space that you will be able to lean on the bookcase will usually reach up to near your ceiling (if you have an average height ceiling). This huge headboard is not only impressive and decorative, but can function as your own personal library. The advantage is that you save space for storage of your books by placing them on your headboard and if you feel the urge to read late at night all you have to do is reach up and grab it. The disadvantage is the sheer size of the headboard. It is heavy to move and takes up a lot of space.

5. Hidden Storage

This is a unique contemporary oak headboard where there is actually storage inside it. It is designed to appear that it is nothing more than a headboard, but a simple lift or pull on a panel will reveal a small space to hold things in. Inside this space can be stored extra pillows, blankets or whatever else you feel could fit. The biggest advantage of this is the space saver. Hidden storage in the headboard means that you don't have to use up limited storage somewhere else in your home.

6. Upholstered

The upholstered oak headboard can come in a few different styles like the sleigh or even the hidden storage, but the only difference is that it has a strip of leathered or vinyl padding at about head level. This is meant to be rested on while watching television or reading before bed. To many this is a much more comfortable alternative than leaning against the hard headboard of oak. The only downfall to such a headboard is the upholstered piece of padding can sometimes get in the way and it cannot be adjusted. Yet, it is only a small price to pay in the long run to help support your back.

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