6 Creative Features in Contemporary Kitchen Designs 6 Creative Features in Contemporary Kitchen Designs

Contemporary kitchen designs call for the use of fashionable colors and finishings, as well as new materials, and the creative adaption of new kitchen technology to a complete working kitchen layout. Color applications have been repeatedly noted as the up-and-coming trend that will take us into the next decade.

Use of the Color Palette

Increased use of color in contemporary kitchen designs means that anyone interested in modern home decor should be prepared to use more color on cabinets and molding. Contemporary kitchen designs may soon see the use of two-tone cabinets and worktops, and greater usage of color throughout the kitchen.


As technology becomes more advanced, it seems likely that contemporary kitchen designs will incorporate more and more of these devices as part of the normal layout of a room. Modern trends have sought to hide appliances behind paneling. These panels are intended to match the surrounding cabinets, although this will limit the amount of changes that can be made to the cabinets after the paneling has been fitted.

 Extreme Kitchens

Since the beginning of the century, a number of designers have been looking for ways to incorporate modern art ideas into practical kitchen use. While some of these ideas have been functional, the majority have been extreme contemporary kitchen designs that are creative, but perhaps not completely functional... yet.

  • Hidden Kitchen: this design is perhaps the most functional of the creative pieces. In this design, all of the appliances and utensils of a traditional kitchen are hidden within the kitchen wall. They can be pulled out as needed (and include a workspace), and then pushed back into the wall. Colored tiles show where the appliances can be found.
  • Z-Kitchen Island: this kitchen contains all the modern necessities of everyday life, such as a computer with internet connection, sound systems, and LEDS, which allow the homeowner to give the kitchen a club ambiance. Obviously, none of this is completely practical in a kitchen where food would be expected to be prepared.
  • Evolution Kitchen: another relatively practical design, this piece is designed to be used in a limited space. All of the components and accessories fit into a very small space, without compromising on workspace or appliance availability.
  • Kitchen Island: this is also focused upon the contemporary kitchen design favorite, the island. Here, the workstation has a variety of kitchen surfaces that can be pulled out to reveal washbasins and drawers.
  • Concept Alight Kitchen: designed to be a sustainable kitchen that reproduces innovative systems designed for sustainable living. The kitchen produces ready-made food in sheet metal packets, so that people can calculate how much they are using. Food can only be stored inside the unit for three days, and the oven only warms up the food at certain times. It is a very creative and imaginative design, but it is perhaps not up to practical use.
  • Spontaneous Kitchen: another exciting idea at the cutting edge of creative contemporary kitchen designs, it is designed to be fitted on the wall, and all the relevant pieces can be lowered into horizontal positions, including hobs, sinks and another practical devices.

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