6 Creative Ideas for a Jewelry Stand 6 Creative Ideas for a Jewelry Stand

A jewelry stand is a great way to display your favorite trinkets and also keep them close to hand for when you want to wear them. The stand can make the items much more accessible than having to rummage through a jewelry box. You can be as creative as you like with your jewelry stand so allow your imagination to soar. Many designs are very simple to make.

Foam Head

Buy a couple of foam heads of the type that are used to display wigs. Cover them with a heavy fabric such as velvet. Pin the fabric into place so it’s taut against the head. You now have a jewelry stand that will take your pendants and necklaces. It will also be perfect for your earrings, giving you an ideal place to lay them out on display. This method only takes 5 minutes, but makes an impressive jewelry stand.


Paint a piece of plywood in colors that match your bedroom. Screw hooks into the wood and attach it to the wall. You can put pendants on the lowest hooks with rings and charm bracelets above them. This is another very simple jewelry stand that anyone can make in just a few minutes.


If you’re willing to work with wire, you can make all kinds of different jewelry stands. These will generally be used for displaying earrings rather than larger pieces of jewelry. You can make a base for a wire jewelry stand by making sure your wire is of a heavy enough gauge and winding it around a can to form a half circle or full circle. Bend over the tips of the wire so it will look more attractive.

Now, you can manipulate the rest of the wire to make your jewelry stand. Try extending the wire up then bending it to form undulations or wave shapes where you can hang your earrings.

Window Screen

Take an old window screen in a frame, making sure that both are in good condition. Sand down the frame and paint it in a color that matches your bedroom. Using 4 screws and a level, attach the screen to your bedroom wall so it sits square (you could also have it as a diamond with one point upright). You can use the screen section as a display area for numerous sets of earrings.


A tray makes a good jewelry stand. Use lain wood or something colorful for maximum effect. Fill it with dried beans (cannellini beans are ideal because of their pale color) and display your jewelry on top of them.

Tree Branch

You can easily bring the outside world indoors and use natural items as a jewelry stand. All you need is a tree branch. It shouldn’t be too thick and should have a number of small but sturdy branches coming off it to hold earrings, necklaces and pendants. Remove the greenery from the branch and wipe it carefully to clean off the bark.

Position the branch against the wall so the smaller branches come off at angles pointing away from the wall (you may need to remove some smaller branches for maximum effect). The branch can be nailed into place to finish.

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