6 Decorating Tips for Your Mobile Home

A white mobile home

A mobile home is an affordable alternative to a traditional home. Whether you opt to position your mobile home in the woods or in a semi-permanent park, decorate it to fit your style and preferences. Although the rooms are small, you can decorate each according to your tastes in order to create a cost-effective, but homey environment that works for you.

Tip 1 - Paint

Older mobile homes often come with paneled interior walls that are somewhat dark. Paint the strips of molding between each panel of wallboard. White works well in most homes, giving a crisp, spacious appearance. Use warm reds or greens in the living room, or simply apply a coat of primer and some semi-gloss finish to the panel to give it a rich look. You can always remove the paneling, but doing so is time-consuming and might ruin the walls.

Remember to paint the ceiling as well, which may have become dingy or water-stained. Simple white paint on the ceiling will brighten the appearance of the room and make it look fresh and clean.

Tip 2 - Floor Treatment

tile floor with towel laying on it

Remove the dull brown carpeting that came with your mobile home and opt for tile, laminate, or wood instead. Use rugs to create a cozy setting. You can highlight your stove area with a neutral rug. Throw rugs enhance the appeal of tiny spaces, so keep a few around. Just take care not to create clutter.

Tip 3 - Furnishings and Upholstery

Do not clutter your rooms; one large piece of furniture is better than a few pieces placed in a room. When choosing upholstery, opt for plain colors over prints to make the area look spacious. Do not use drapes or heavy curtains on your windows; lighter materials are better. You can either purchase blinds to match the color them or tint your windows to prevent excess light from coming in.

Tip 4 - Cabinets

Changing your mobile home cabinets will provide a new look. Buy cabinets that are lightweight and suit your theme, such as honey-colored or light oak. If you want to keep you current cabinets, apply several coats of simple white paint to give them a fresh look. Remove your cabinet doors and replace them with frosted or plain glass for a stylish look. Declutter your kitchen by removing excess cabinets.

Tip 5 - Bathroom

painting a wall bright green

Paint your bathroom a bright color to make it look bigger. Paint the cabinets white. You can even use faux marble contact paper to give it a stylish look. Invest in deep-colored towels and a small rug.

Tip 6 - Indoor Appearance

Mount a mirror horizontally on any unoccupied wall to create the illusion of a bigger room. Decorate walls with old pictures or mounted prints to create a warm, inviting look. Add plants for some color and life in your small space.