6 Decorative Concrete Curbing Ideas

Decorative concrete curbing can add an orderly air to a garden and make things look well coordinated. There are several places that landscape curbing can be of benefit.

1. Flower Beds

As well as defining the boundary of a flower bed, landscape curbing will prevent the flower bed losing its shape because the edges have collapsed

2. Drives

It is easy to slip off a drive if you are not paying attention. By lining your drive with curb stones you will get a gentle reminder if your wheels are straying.

3. Tree Surrounds

Curbing around the base of a tree can save it from being hit by lawn mowers and being damaged.

4. Ponds

Using landscape curbing to protect the edges of ponds can serve double duty. If you are using a pond liner the curb stones will hold it in place.

5. Fire Pits

Although not ideal, you can use concrete curb stones to mark out a fire pit if you regularly burn garden waste. This will help to prevent the fire causing an expanding area of damage.

6. Stepping Stones

Curb stones can work very well as stepping stones as long as they are set deep into the soil. They can help prevent wear and tear in specific areas.