6 Design Elements that Complement an Entry Way Table 6 Design Elements that Complement an Entry Way Table

Your entry way table gives a first impression to your guests when they enter your home and it should show your personality. This is a small space, but being the first part of your home seen, it warrants some special attention. Here are 6 design element ideas for making a great first impression.

Add Reflection

Add a warm reflection to your entry way table by illuminating with candles and/or a mirror. Use different sizes of candles in a group making an eye catching piece. A mirror will make the small area look much larger and will reflect light and will making it brighter.

Plants and Flowers

Sitting a large plant or tree on the floor beside your table will help fill in the wall space around the table. You can also place plants directly on the table in decorative pots. An interesting arrangement with ivy spilling over the side is another option. Fresh flowers will allow you to add color to the entry way. You could always make or purchase an arrangement of both plants and flowers for added interest.

Display Groupings

If you are lucky enough to have a special collection, such as old clocks, or unique vases, this is the perfect area for their display. Entry way tables are not bothered a lot and create a great place to display your collections without worry of your items becoming harmed. Be sure to group them together rather than spread them out too much. A grouping has much more eye appeal than an individual piece.

Creative Lighting

You will want to add lighting to your entry way table. Use a decorative lamp or set of lamps. You can trade out the shades if you want to add additional color and texture. You can also easily add ornamentation by hot gluing on braiding or fringe. If your entry way table is full, you can add extra lighting by placing a floor lamp beside the table and also give it some decorative touches, if desired.

Photo Displays

Photos look great arranged on an entry way table, and give you an opportunity to show off your loved ones. Keep in mind that photos look best if they are all one color, for instance, all black and white, or sepia. If you have photos that you want transformed into one color, you can have them copied at a photo store inexpensively. Also keep your photo frames uniform. All silver, or all black. Any color works as long as it is consistent.

Showcase Artwork

Hang a great piece or pieces of art either just behind your table, or if your table is flush with the wall, you can sit the artwork against the wall sitting on the table. You can use a few pieces if they area small and match. If you want to display a piece behind the table, be sure that it is almost as wide as the length of your table so there is balance. Of course, you can hang more than one piece to achieve this balance.

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