6 Different Types of Plastic Sheds

Depending on your needs, plastic sheds could be your best choice when choosing among sheds. Opposite from wooden and metal sheds, plastic ones are easy to install and maintain, weather resistant, dent and rust free, light in construction, very durable, and pretty much untouchable by bugs, insects, or roots if installed in your garden. They come in different sizes and shapes, and more sophisticated outdoor models have doors, windows, shelves, and other practical internal gadgets that allow well organized storing. They are significantly more affordable than wooden and metal sheds, and due to their flexibility keep more stuff inside.

1. Outdoor Sheds

Plastic outdoor sheds are getting more popular due to their practical advantages over metal and wooden sheds. You can place them in your backyard, garden or even garage, wherever you want.  They are pretty universal and can serve any of your needs. They are significantly bigger in size than indoor sheds and their installation requires some time.

2. Indoor Sheds

Indoor plastic sheds are very convenient for your home, school, even office. Today, they come in different styles, with appealing design that can fit any indoor space. Their most common use is in bathrooms and garages since they are moisture-resistant. Vertical plastic shed is the most convenient of all indoor storage “bags” since it takes less space and stores a lot of things while it is easy collapsible when not needed. 

3. Portable Sheds

Portable plastic sheds are huge in size but convenient for any “big need” you can have. Packed in small bags, they can go with you wherever you go and protect your car/s, boat, or truck from harsh weather. You can easily find a 3-car garage portable shed, or commercial building size shed, instant greenhouse shed, or dog kennel shed which are very useful if you take your pet with you on the road.

4. Tool Sheds

Plastic tool sheds are common. The truth is that you can use any outdoor shed for this purpose, but if you are very meticulous about your tools and you have a lot of them, you should look for specially designed tool sheds. They come with adjustable or built-in shelves or pockets that help organizing. They are easily installed both in your garage and basement and in your backyard.

5. Garden Sheds

If you don’t have enough space in your garage for two cars and your garden equipment-like garden furniture, lawn mower, family bikes, etc., a plastic garden shed is great solution for you. They are waterproof, safe construction wise, and usually come with a secure lock (if they don’t, you can add one). They are big but still easy to install except one person can hardly do it alone.

6. Garden Storage Sheds

Garden sheds differ from garden storage sheds because they are much smaller and useful pieces for garden-related particulars rather than everything that lives outside your house. From small garden equipment sheds and kids’ outdoor toys to plastic shed seating, there is a variety of these sheds. If you don’t want to clutter your garden, but you need smaller and temporary outdoor storage units, it is a good idea to check a real size of garden storage sheds in store before buying.