6 DIY Materials to Pick up at the Dollar Store

white curtain with purple flower print

Don't spend more than you have to at Home Depot when you're in a DIY mood. There are many DIY materials you can get much more affordably at the Dollar Store of your choice. From little decor items to all sorts of kits and do-it-yourself tools, the Dollar Store chain of stores can help you complete your projects with ease.

1. Wall Decor

There's no need to spend a fortune on wall decor like artwork, frames and clocks. You can find all these items at the Dollar Store. And if you want something that looks a little bit fancier, no problem. You can also find beads, faux gems and all sorts of DIY materials, along with glue guns and glue, at the Dollar Store. You can get frames for your walls, dress them up with crafting materials that are easily available, and create custom wall art to spruce up your rooms.

There are many colors of washi tape available at the Dollar Store as well, along with paint materials, if you want to create a design on your walls, doors or cabinets to give your home an easy, fresh new look.

2. Window Treatments

The Dollar Store has curtains and window treatments of all kinds. Why pay more for something expensive from a department store? You can also find fabrics at the Dollar Store, if you want to add something extra to window treatments. You might make your own curtain ties or add embellishments, like ribbons, to your curtains to give them an extra pop. For about half as much as curtains from a department store, you can create something just as lovely with some Dollar Store curtains and craft supplies.

hands working with golden wreaths on wooden table

3. Seasonal Decor

The Dollar Store has a large selection of floral craft supplies as well. Get leaves, berries and florals to create pretty seasonal decor. Faux florals look great on shelves, on top of cabinets and in vases throughout the homes. Yes, the Dollar Store has plenty of vases as well! You can also find candle holders and lots of glassware that can be used to create a pretty display anywhere.

4. Organizers

The Dollar Store family of stores, which includes Dollar General, Family Dollar and Dollar Tree, is chock-full of organizers. Storage bins, storage baskets, shoe organizers and shelf organizers for closets are all available here. You can find many different types of organizers that will help you de-clutter closets, cabinets and other areas of the home that tend to get filled up with stuff.

Sometimes, organizing your existing cabinets, closets and drawers will end up freeing up a lot of space on your shelves and other areas of your home. This opens up opportunities for new DIY projects and new, more decorative items that can be displayed on shelves and tabletops that were previously cluttered with the stuff that should have been inside drawers and closets all along.

5. Wood Crafts

There are many woodcraft supplies at the Dollar Store, including clothespins and wood letters. The Dollar Store also has painting kits, so you can turn your wood crafts into colorful, fun DIY projects that look great in your home. This is a fun and easy way to add some color and interesting, cool pieces of art to your home. Making your own wood crafts is far more personal than buying something to sit on your are shelves.

mugs and other goods at a dollar store

6. Craft Inspiration

The Dollar Store family of stores actually has lots of DIY materials and craft supplies, everything from stickers to art kits to items like candle holders that you can dress up and spruce up on your own. There are all kinds of ways to use the stuff at the Dollar Store to create something new and unique for your home. Look around the store and you may get inspired and get ideas for all sorts of upcoming DIY projects that you can use to change the look of your home, get organized or create something new and interesting that others will notice.