6 DIY Projects That Will Make You Love Your Home Even More

smiling woman reupholstering chair with small hammer

From time to time, your home may seem a bit dull, or in need of a refresh. This doesn't mean you'll have to spend a fortune on new furniture, flooring, or appliances. There's actually a lot of easy, and affordable, do-it-yourself projects you can do that will take your home from drab to fab and make you fall in love with your house all over again.

1. Reupholster

One thing you might want to consider is reupholstering some furniture. Doing so can breathe new life into your dated item. Or you could buy a cheap armchair or other item and reupholster it with a bright color and bold print to add style to the item and room by extension.

To reupholster your chosen item, start by removing the old fabric. Use a seam ripper to remove the fabric. Try not to rip it so that you can use the old fabric as a guide when it comes time to cut the new fabric. Different items will have different amounts of material to remove. If your item has more than one piece, make sure to label it so you know where it came from.

Once all the fabric is removed, it is time to prep the new fabric. Place the old pieces over your new fabric and pin them into place before cutting the new fabric. It is recommended to leave a few extra inches on the fabric to be safe—you will trim these off later. After you cut the pieces correctly, put them together and start to sew along the seams. What thread you use will vary based on the material you are using.

After you are done sewing, place the cover you have created over your chosen item of furniture. Once it is laying correctly, pull the fabric and staple it into place. Cut off any excess fabric.

2. Wall Stencils

man painting leaf shaped stencils on a wall

Wall stencils are a great way to add interest to your wall. As an added bonus, you can create a stencil of literally anything. You could consider making a stencil to look like a vine, and repeating it along the top of a wall to create a border.

For a kid's room, you could make a stencil of one of their favorite TV or movie characters and add them to the room. They will love being surrounded by their favorite characters.

To create an accent wall, you could also consider a bold, geometric print. This will be unique and add some oomph to an otherwise bare wall.

3. Handles

One of the easiest DIY projects out there is adding handles to your cabinets. This can make your kitchen or bathroom look like an expensive, remodeled room without the cost or construction time of an actual remodel.

4. Raised Garden Bed

large raised garden bed with growing vegetables

If you have a yard, a raised garden bed is another DIY project you should consider to make you love your home even more. Make sure to think about how much sun your yard gets when deciding where to place it and what to grow.

To build one, start by measuring your yard to decide what size garden bed it can handle. Then measure and mark wooden planks to be the correct size. The bed should be at least 1 foot deep.

Once you have double-checked that all the measurements are correct, cut the plan with a handsaw or a circular saw. Next, screw the pieces of wood together where they meet. Make sure you use enough screws to secure the pieces of wood firmly together.

After the bed is built, you can lay it down in your yard and start to plant your favorite fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

5. Photo Collage

One easy DIY project you can do is to make a photo collage. Pick a large section of wall for your collage. Photo collages are best when the frames, and therefore photos, are a variety of sizes. Consider having one large image surrounded by other smaller ones. A photo collage is a great way to show off your memories and personalize your home.

6. Light Fixtures

You can also elevate the look of your home by changing out your dated light fixture for new lights. For your dining room, consider adding a modern chandelier. You could also look into greener lighting options.

Any of these ideas will help you fall in love with your home even more without breaking the bank.