6 Easy Maintenance Tips for Your Gravel Patio

A gravel patio can look neat, tidy and inviting with a certain amount of regular cleaning and care. It can also help to reduce the danger of accidental slipping on algae or moss that tends to grow over a length of time.

Weeding your Gravel Patio

Weeds that grow on the gravel between cracks allow dirt to accumulate. Bear in mind these tips to get rid of them.

  • If you choose to hoe these weeds away, it should be done regularly. Hoeing does not help you to get to the roots and helps in only removing the top growth. This method soon becomes a major chore as it has to be done every few days.
  • Another effective way of getting rid of the weeds is to use gas-weeders. You can use the small hand held models for smaller patches of weeds or larger ones which are trundled along on wheels. Some of them also have a convenient hood to cover the flames and hence increase their overall effectiveness. These help in getting to the roots of the weeds and killing them.
  • Hot water out of a kettle can also be used to kill the weeds. Hot water destroys weeds right up to the roots and kills them.  You may let the weeds die and remove them completely after a few days.

Rake Your Gravel Patio

Gravel has the tendency to move around and this needs to be raked and smoothed into place. If the area is large, it’s difficult to do so by hand. A weighted metal frame can be used by dragging it along and smoothing out the gravel. This fills the low spots and helps level the high spots.

Getting Rid of Potholes

You can fill the potholes by simply removing the loose gravel, filling the space with a layer of very fine sand and placing large gravel with sharp edges over it. It’s best to overfill the pothole and then smooth it by dragging the weighted metal frame over it. This helps to keep it compacted.

Water Drainage for your Gravel Patio

While smoothing the gravel in you patio, crown it by keeping the middle level an inch or so higher than the sides. This prevents water from accumulating in the middle which would create potholes. The rain water should be able to drain off easily.

Removing the Leaves

You can either choose to sweep the leaves away regularly or use a leaf blower to remove the leaves that have fallen on your gravel patio. Remember, it’s easier to remove them when they are dry. The fallen leaves get messy and difficult to remove when they stick to the gravel.

Add a Fresh Layer of Gravel

Every two years or so spread a fresh layer of gravel along the length of the patio and smooth it out. Preferably use a front loader to lay out the fresh layer of gravel. Remember to crown the layer by an inch in the center to prevent standing water and ensure smooth drainage.

These tips should help you in maintaining your gravel patio. With just a little bit of regular and timely upkeep you can keep your home and surroundings in optimal condition.