6 Easy Steps to a Stucco Finish

What You'll Need
5 gallon bucket
Premix masonry cement
Masonry trowel

There are many people who like the look of a stucco finish on the exterior of a house. It can be done professionally, which costs money, or it’s something you can do yourself. It doesn’t require any special skill to achieve very good results.

Step 1 - Preparation

Take the hammer and remove any loose cement from the wall. Next, brush the wall hard and then brush up all the debris from the ground until it’s clean. By doing this you’ll make sure that the stucco mixture will adhere properly to the wall.

Step 2 - Mixing

You’ll do the mixing in a wheelbarrow. This allows you to move the stucco mixture to the place where you’re working on the wall so applying the stucco finish will go more quickly. You need to mix enough of the premixed masonry cement, texture and water in the wheelbarrow to have a substance that’s the same consistency as peanut butter. Mix very thoroughly so there’s no powder in the center of the mixture. Turn over time and again, adding more solid or liquid until you have the proper consistency.

Step 3 - Water

Before you apply the stucco finish to the wall you need to prepare the first section by applying water to the wall. Do this by dipping the brush in the bucket of water and ten brushing the wall. Only do this to a small section at a time, directly before applying the stucco.

Step 4 - Trowel

Scoop up some mixture on the back of the masonry trowel and push it onto the wall. To spread it turn the trowel over and spread upward. Always go in the same direction. Keep going until there is no more mortar on the trowel.

Refill the trowel and continue until you’ve completed the section you got wet. To move on wet, the next section first and then apply the mortar mix. You’ll have the opportunity to complete several sections before you need to go back and check how the stucco finish is drying.

Step 5 - Drying

The drying, which is known as setting up, is the next stage of the process. Check the stucco and try to make an imprint on it with your finger. If you can press in easily, the wall isn’t dry enough yet for the next stage. You’ll need to wait until it’s hard to make an impression in the cement with the tip of your finger, but before the cement is fully set.

Step 6 - Stucco

Take your sponge and wet it thoroughly in the bucket. Don’t wring it out. Rub in circular motions around the area. Use a similar motion to waxing a car. The additive in the mix will start to come through to give that distinctive stucco finish. The more you rub, the more the sand will show through. Go area by area when the wall is dry enough. When finished, allow the wall to dry properly.