6 Essential Decoupage Supplies

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Decoupage supplies are essential if you are just beginning your first project. Decoupage is an art which is defined by the use of pictures or other art work, stuck to a piece of furniture or other surface to create an entirely new appearance. There are many essential tools and supplies associated with this form or art.

1. Glue

Glue is one of the most vital ingredients for successful decoupage. If you have no access to specific or specialist suppliers, regular white glue will suffice nicely, but you need to water it down a little.

2. Brushes

Decoupage supplies

To spread the glue evenly over the surface of each picture or piece of furniture, you must have good soft bristle brushes.

3. Varnish

Varnish is one of the other vital ingredients. Varnish must be used between decoupage layers for the correct effect. In old England, this was known as Japanning, owing to the alleged place of origin of this technique.

4. Scissors

A sharp pair of scissors is important. Curved style should be the preference as these are excellent for cutting into odd shaped pictures.

5. Sand Paper

Sanding between varnish layers is essential for a shined finish to your work. Sand paper is important as a decoupage supply.

6. Tweezers

For picking up those tiny detailed pictures that you have cut out, a set of tweezers is vital. It also protects the picture from being damaged by hands or glue covered fingers.