6 Essential Denatured Alcohol Safety Tips

Denatured alcohol is an alcohol mixture manufactured to make it poisonous or non-ingestible. The solution contains ethyl alcohol and a chemical called methanol to make it poisonous. Methanol is a type of alcohol that is dangerous when ingested. Ingestion of this solution may lead to blindness or induce vomiting. Usually, the mixture is dyed purple to allow people to identify it as non-ingestible alcohol. For protection against the harmful effects of denatured alcohol, here are some safety tips.

Safety Tip No 1 – Properly Label the Container

Denatured alcohol may be mistaken as a drinkable alcoholic beverage or a safe rubbing alcohol. To protect other people from ingesting it or getting into skin contact with the chemical, make certain to label the container properly. Sometimes, writing denatured alcohol on the container may be misleading for people who are not knowledgeable about the chemical composition and nature of the solvent. As a tip, draw a warning symbol of a skull on top of crossbones to clearly remind everyone that the stuff is poisonous.

Safety Tip No 2 – Store in a Safe Place

Store the product in a place far from children’s reach. High shelf or cabinet where children cannot access it is the best place to store them. Children are very curious individuals who like to play with anything they see. Protect your children at all cost and make sure that the house has a built shelf for this purpose.

Safety Tip No 3 –Keep Away from High Temperatures

Denatured alcohol is popularly used as fuel in an alcohol burner. Make sure to store the solution in a cool dry place away from the scorching heat of fires on a stove or any source of heat. Alcohol is a very flammable substance and, therefore, requires proper handling. Never throw it in a burning furnace or a chimney burner.

Safety Tip No 4 – Avoid Alcohol Contact with Combustible Materials

Never allow the alcohol container to sit on or touch flammable materials such as wood, rags, paper, and clothes. Fire disasters usually occur because highly combustible materials are left unattended. When combustible materials are treated with alcohol or any other flammable liquid, they become a much more dangerous fire hazard.

Safety Tip No 5 – Keep Potable Alcohol Ready at Home

Sometimes, desperate alcoholics find ways and means to quench their alcoholic urges. Alcoholics may make use of denatured alcohol as a surrogate alcohol to satisfy their alcohol cravings. The antidote and first aid for the ingestion of denatured alcohol is consuming potable alcohol. Potable alcohol consumption delays or slows down the metabolism of the dangerous chemical, and thus allows more time for the victim to seek professional help.

Safety Tip No 6 – Dispose Properly

When disposing of denatured alcohol, make certain to eradicate any trace of the alcohol in the container completely before throwing it away. Wash the container with water first if necessary.