6 Essential Garage Door Installation Tools Explained

When you undertake a garage door installation, you’re going to need a number of tools to do the job properly. These are vital in completing the job and you won’t be able to complete an electrical garage door installation without them.


You’re going to be working on a stepladder quite a bit during a garage door installation since you have to hang the rails from the ceiling. Ensure your stepladder is in good condition with the all of the steps being firmly attached. Part the legs fully so the supports engage completely. Never stand on the very top step. If your stepladder isn’t tall enough, don’t stand on the top and stretch; buy a taller stepladder instead.

Be sure you’re comfortable working on a stepladder and that your balance is good. If not, ask a taller friend or experienced professional to do the high work of the garage door installation for you.

Power Drill

You can use a regular plug-in drill for your garage door installation but you’ll be able to work with ore freedom with a fully charged cordless drill. There will be no cords to trip over or to move around and you’ll be able to reach into hard-to-reach areas without tugging on the cord.

Make sure your drill is fully charged before you begin work. This way, you’ll be able to complete the job without recharging the drill battery. Have a selection of bits for the drill to hand since you will need several different sizes for installing the rails on the garage or hanging them from the ceiling.

Power Screwdriver

You can use regular screwdrivers but you’ll save time and effort by using a power screwdriver. You’ll need both Phillips head and flat head blades in different sizes since the garage door installation will require both. Just like the drill, check the power screwdriver is fully charged before you begin the garage door installation.

Wrenches and Sockets

You’ll need wrenches and a socket set with a ratchet to complete the garage door installation as there are a number of nuts and bolts used during the process. The size of wrench will depend on the particular type of garage door but the manufacturer’s instructions should tell you which sizes you need. Make sure you have a full set of sockets with your driver so you’re prepared for any eventuality.

Pencil and Tape Measure

A good sharp pencil is one of the most vital tools you can have for a garage door installation. You’ll need to use your tape measure a great deal (always measure twice to make sure you’ve done it correctly) and mark a number of distances, as well as the points where you’ll need to drill. A good carpenter’s pencil will make a mark that’s easy to see. Have a spare with you in case the lead in the first one breaks.

Spirit Level

It’s vital that your rails are level in order for your garage door to open smoothly and properly. To achieve this, you need a spirit level for your garage door installation. This will enable you to level the rails both horizontally and vertically. Use a level that’s about 3 feet long; anything shorter won’t be as useful to you on this particular job.