6 Essential Hot Tub Safety Tips

Hot tub safety is very important when you are taking that end of the day soak in your retreat area. There are numerous things that you need to know, and practices that you need to follow to ensure the health of yourself, as well as any hot tub visitors.

Read the safety tips below to ensure that you will have, not only a relaxing soak, but a safe one at that.

This includes the temperature control, filter, jet control, etc. Make sure you are aware of all of them, and exactly how they work.

1. Temperature

Before climbing into your hot tub, you will want to let it heat up to a temperature that is comfortable for you. You should never have water in a hot tub hotter than 104 degrees for adults, and 95 degrees for children.

In order to keep a close eye on the temperature of your hot tub, a floating thermometer is a great option. Most hot tubs include an outside read on the hot tub, but having an extra to make sure all is safe is the best option.

2. Soak Time

Although your day at work was hectic, and you are thinking you could use a good hour soaking away, you should soak no longer than fifteen to twenty minutes. Children should stay in a hot tub no longer than ten minutes.

Soaking in a high temperature hot tub for an extended period of time exposes you to health dangers dealing with your heart, and, or limbs and joints.

3. You Can See

The kids are in bed, and the household chores are done. Now it's time to take that much needed trip to the hot tub. It of course is dark outside at this point, which makes it even more relaxing. Just remember to turn on the hot tub light so you can see every inch of where you are going to walk, sit, or crawl over.

This will prevent slips and falls which could be very dangerous.

4. Who Should Not

If you suffer from heart disease, been diagnosed with diabetes, or are pregnant you should avoid soaking in your hot tub until you consult with your doctor.

5. Alcohol and Prescription Drugs

Hot tubs full of very high temperature waters make the affects of alcohol and prescription drugs become much more prevalent, and amplify them severely. 

You should avoid consuming alcoholic beverages while using your hot tub. You should also check with your doctor in regards to the prescription you are taking before deciding to take that relaxing soak.

6. Cover on Power Off

After you are done occupying the hot tub it is important to turn the power off, and replace the cover. Doing these two things, help in prevention of any uses from persons that are not intended to use it, perhaps children being the first and foremost ones to worry about.

Now that you know a few mores way to stay safe while relaxing in your hot tub, you should be cleared to go out and relax the day away in your nice, warm, and safe hot tub. Have fun, and enjoy!