6 Fast Growing Indoor Plants

aloe vera plants growing in light

Indoor plants are an excellent choice for creating attractive, calm, natural surroundings in your home. They're easy to grow and won’t wither even without proper care. Some indoor plants take more time to grow than others. Whatever the aim of growing indoor plants, the objective is to select rapid-growing plants that can fill your space fast and easily.

It doesn’t matter how much you care for a plant, if it’s slow-growing, it can't grow fast. Therefore, you have to select plants that grow rapidly, and fortunately, you’re in the right place. Here are some of the rapidly growing indoor plants.

1. Aloe Vera

aloe vera plant in pot

This is an easy-care succulent that not only appears excellent indoors but is also very helpful when it comes to using the gel that’s found in the leaves. These plants need a radiant, sunny spot – particularly if you want them to grow rapidly.

Aloe vera is a desert kind. This implies that it’s more than sufficient to water the plant heavily once in every two weeks. It’s best to wait until the soil is completely dry before you water again.

The aloe vera gel which you usually see in the shops can be reaped at your household and used to calm burned skin or moistening your hair. And to add yet another benefit, aloe vera also aids in cleansing the air in your home or office space.

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2. Ficus

ficus bonsai

The best thing about the diverse Ficus species is that they grow rapidly and can make a vacant space appear full of life and interesting. These tree plants retain their shape regardless of their size.

Therefore, they can make an excellent small addition to your desk or can stand proudly in the nook of your hallway. Most Ficus trees grow in radiant light but not in constant sunlight and prefer warm temperatures.

For Ficus to grow rapidly, you need to remember to spray it frequently as they need fairly high humidity.

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3. Snake Plant

snake plants in chic room

Snake plants can without a doubt be called one of the least demanding houseplants you can ever ask for. This plant can withstand drought and poor light levels and still appears fresh just like the first day you take it home.

The leaves of the snake plant have an interesting striped pattern and grow in an architectural shape, which makes them great for interior decoration. The other aspect that makes them dream indoor plants is the fact that they aid in purifying the air in your home from diverse toxins, such as benzene.

Snake plants grow well if exposed to indirect sunlight and barely watered. However, it’s important to know that snake plants are toxic if swallowed and will not work well where there are dogs and cats, because they are more poisonous to pets.

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4. Jade Plant

beautiful small jade plant growing indoors

Although succulents don’t usually grow quickly, jade plant is an exception to the rule. People relish growing it not only because of its easy maintenance but also because jade is considered to bring good luck.

These succulents can grow up to a height of four to five feet and revive your surroundings with their fleshy, oval-shaped leaves. However, it’s important to remember that Jade Plants require watering appropriately; they aren’t supposed to dry out totally.

However, it cannot be watered too frequently either, as it leads to rotting of the roots. It’s best to water them if the topsoil feels dry to touch. If you’re taking into account purchasing a jade plant, ensure that you expose it to direct sunlight as they love the sun and the warmth. You could grow it in the balcony or the areas of the house that receive some sunlight

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5. Hibiscus

beautiful hibiscus flower growing indoors

This plant has two varieties that are found everywhere (Tropical and Hardy). The tropical option is hailed for its gorgeousness. However, as the name implies, the Hardy variety can endure more neglect.

The tropical hibiscus plant is renowned for its therapeutic benefits. Many people around the world prefer hibiscus tea. The attractive hibiscus flowers attract your attention and have excellent ornamental importance.

Contrary to the tropical hibiscus, hardy hibiscus can also endure chilly temperatures. Hibiscus grows better during spring and summer. However, it’s an evergreen plant that’ll beautify your house throughout the year.

Hibiscus also lives long and keeps flowering for months if well taken care of. The secret is to frequently use premium quality mulch in the pot to retain the soil’s moisture.

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6. English Ivy

english ivy in hanging pot

English ivies are evergreen perennials that grow well indoors and are renowned for their fast growth. They cleanse the air and help in easing chronic breathing issues. English ivy can be grown not only in pots but also as a vine.

When you have enough space to grow English Ivy as a vine, take into account supporting it with stakes or a decorative trellis to keep the vine clean and upright. The plant requires frequent pruning because English Ivy is known to outgrow its space within a short time.

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Bottom Line

The indoor plants debated above are an ideal choice, not only for those who want fresh greenery to grow quickly but also for those looking to improve their interior design. Most rapidly growing plants also require simple maintenance and don’t need much attention. This makes them ideal companions, not only for your home but also for your office.

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