6 Fireplace Hearth Design Tips

A fireplace hearth is the working section of a fireplace where the fire actually burns. It is the central point of your fireplace, with the mantel and other pieces built around it. The hearth is the keystone to making your design a reality. It can be as plain as a simple concrete wall opening, or as elaborate as an elegant carved marble creation.

Before you can plan or build your fireplace hearth, you have to take into consideration a few facts.

1. Stone

Stone is a material that has been used in fireplace hearth designs for centuries, because it is sturdy, long lasting and fireproof. You can use a large slab of stone to create a hearth out of a single chunk of stone, or use multiple stones of varying sizes to build your hearth. River rock is one stone that is popular in building. A fireplace hearth made of stones can be shaped in many forms. You can use a tall, chimney shape that goes from the ceiling to the floor, or perhaps a short, stocky design that includes rocks of different colors and shapes.

2. Concrete

A more modern approach to making a hearth is to use concrete. It’s very popular because it can be molded into just about any shape you desire. It can be a simple square, a long thin chimney-like shape or maybe even a rounded opening. Concrete hearths can be made in a 3D look so they “pop” out from your wall, and can be created in just about any color or texture. Plus, it’s also fire resistant.

3. Marble

A more expensive, but elegant choice for a fireplace hearth is one made of marble. Marble is a natural stone that comes in many different colors. Its smooth texture is shiny and you can carve it with intricate designs and inscriptions, floral patterns or other decorative touches. Marble is also built to last for many years and is fire resistant.

4. Brick

When you think of a brick fireplace mantle, you may envision a traditional red brick design with stacked bricks in rectangular patterns and white grout. This is just one design that you can create with brick. Brick comes in a lot more colors than just red. And you can find brick in many other shapes besides rectangular. It can be stacked and arranged in not only square, but oval, rounded, or other designs. A brick fireplace is a durable, sturdy and traditional choice for your fireplace hearth.

5. Tile

Tile hearths can be a good choice for a design because you can find tile in many different colors, styles and materials. Be sure to buy tile made for fireplaces, as floor tiles won’t work. They are not made of fire resistant material. You can find tiles made of materials such as stone, ceramic, porcelain, and glass. You can place the tiles in a design you find in a magazine or just go freestyle and design your own.

6. Outside of the Hearth

Once you have built the hearth, you can add decorations to it such as a fireplace screen or glass door. You can also put a cast iron insert into the hearth, which adds a nice stylish touch.

All in all, a fireplace hearth is the focal point of a room. Make it your own with a design that fits your own personal style.