6 Fun and Traditional New Year's Eve Ideas

There are plenty of New Year’s Eve ideas that you can use to start the brand new year with a bang. Whether you are celebrating this day with your family, friends, or your special someone, you would love these fabulous traditional ideas that are meant to bring in luck for the year ahead.

1. Make Some Noise

Noise has become an integral part of New Year’s Eve. In fact, it just would not feel complete if people are not making noise when the clock strikes twelve on the first of January. This tradition is practiced every year as it is believed to drive evil spirits away. Make noise by banging pots and pans, blowing horns, playing blaring music, and using noisemakers and party blowers. Although firecrackers are also normally used during this occasion to raise the noise levels, they are not advisable to use due to safety reasons. Start the year right by keeping it safe.

2. Eat Black-eyed Peas

This age-old custom started in the south where underprivileged farmers had no choice but to eat black-eyed peas or livestock feed to survive the winter season. Today, people eat black-eyed peas because they believe that doing so will make the upcoming year prosperous. You have the option among black-eyed pea loaf, gingered black-eyed peas, curried black-eyed peas served with bean salad, and black-eyed pea salad drizzled with basil vinaigrette dressing.

3. Kiss When the Clock Strikes Midnight

Kissing at midnight is a common practice in the United States and in other western countries. Couples kiss to lock in the intimacy and love for the year ahead. It is also believed that kissing at midnight will not only bring the couple good luck but also strengthen their bond and relationship. They can also kiss any person they are with at the time as long as the other person does not have any qualms about that. So make sure that you are kiss-ready even before the clock strikes twelve.

4. Eat 12 Grapes

This one is a widely practiced superstition in countries in Latin America. It is believed that eating 12 grapes on New Year’s Eve would bring good luck for the next 12 months of the year ahead. If you do not want to eat the grapes, you can put them in your champagne glass just before the midnight toast.

5. Fill your Pocket with Money

Put in enough change in your pockets before midnight. This is thought to bring wealth and fortune for the upcoming year. You can also pass around coins to your family and friends to spread the good fortune around.

6. Wear Something Red, New, or Polka Dotted

You’ll notice that so many people wear red or polka dotted clothes on New Year’s Eve. Red is said to be for good luck. Polka dots symbolize coins and wealth. Wearing new clothes is thought to make the year ahead more prosperous. New Year’s celebration gives you a good excuse to go shopping for clothes.

Although these are just superstitions, these practices can bring more fun and excitement to your New Year’s Day.