6 Green Initiatives for Your Home

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Finding green initiatives to help us leave as light a carbon footprint as possible has become a passion for many of us. Most, if not all, of us recycle. Many use energy-efficient appliances and cars. Is there more we can do? Lots. Here’s six ideas to get you started.


  • Take the old metal in your garage or shed to the local metal processing plant. They’ll pay you for it.
  • Install grey water diverters, so used water from your washing machine, dishwasher or sinks can be recycled to your garden.
  • Plant indigenous flowers and shrubs in your yard, those which are naturally suited to your region’s weather patterns. Important plants and blooms may be inticing to the eye but, many times, they’ll require something (like lots of extra water, for example) to keep themselves looking great.
  • Surround your plants with mulch. This will help retain the available water and cut back on how much water you actually need to keep your garden looking healthy
  • Install a solar hot water system, and cut back on your use of electricity or gas.
  • Make time to take public transport to work, get that bicycle out of mothballs or organize a carpool.