6 Home Repairs to Tackle in Winter

Someone repairing caulking around a sink in a bathroom.

During the cold months of winter, many homeowners plan and schedule their spring renovation and home repair projects. They wait for the thaw and hit the ground running as soon as the weather permits. However, there are many DIY home improvement and repair projects perfectly suited for the winter months. Here's some winter repair projects you can do during the long wait for spring.

1. Bathroom and Kitchen Renovations

The holidays are over and all the parties have ended. Since friends, family, and any house guests are gone, now is a great time to tackle large kitchen or bathroom renovation projects. As the steady stream of available work for contractors and home renovation specialists slows to a trickle, which is common during the winter months, you should expect more competitive pricing, which could save you a few dollars in labor costs. While many of these large renovation projects take months of planning, if you time it right, your project can begin right after the holidays and be completed long before spring arrives.

2. Improve Energy Efficiency in your Home

There are several things you can do during the winter months to improve your home's energy efficiency.

Recaulking windows and doorjambs

Replacing worn weatherstripping

Installing a new threshold and/or its rubber seals

Install additional attic insulation

Maintaining a tight seal around your doors and windows will help to conserve energy use, which translates into savings on your energy bill. In addition, it also eliminates easy access points for insects looking for a warm place to spend the winter.

Attic insulation can deteriorate over time, so adding a fresh layer helps to minimize energy loss and maximize energy efficiency. In addition to its insulating properties, insulation helps to buffer and reduce outside noises from entering your home.

3. Interior Painting Projects

A young couple sitting on the floor next to painting supplies and a patch of yellow paint on the wall.

Interior painting is a great way to break up the monotony of winter for DIY enthusiasts who like to keep their hands busy. When it comes to home improvement, painting provides one of the biggest bangs for your buck, especially when doing it yourself. In addition, you can expect good deals on painting products as manufacturers often offer their best deals—sales—during the winter months.

Tip: With the cold temperatures outside, it's likely your windows are closed. It's very important to paint in well-ventilated areas. Start your winter painting project when outside temperatures are mild so you can crack or open your windows for adequate ventilation. Turn on any applicable ceiling fans and utilize a floor fan to direct paint fumes to open windows and/or doors.

4. De-cluttering Attic Space

Working in the attic during the summer months can be excruciatingly hot, if not unbearable. The cool months of winter provide an ideal time to complete work in the attic area. You should take advantage of the cooler temperatures if decluttering or organizing your attic is on your to-do-list.

5. Scheduling Air Conditioner Maintenance

Chances are your air conditioning system will be in hibernation during winter. This is a great time to contact your HVAC contractor to schedule preventive maintenance. HVAC contractors are usually slammed during the summer months, which means you might have to wait on a service call. Scheduling preventive maintenance now will ensure that your HVAC system is ready when called on as thermometers rise during the summer.

6. Cleaning Ceiling Fans

A tropical ceiling fan.

Ceiling fans should be periodically cleaned. Since they are less active during the winter months, now would be a great time to remove any dirt, hair, dust and other particles that typically collect on their blades. Home improvement centers sell brushes designed specifically for cleaning ceiling fans. However, a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment and a damp rag will suffice just fine.