6 Hooks to Use fo Sea Angling

A successful sea angling experience can be determined by the hooks used to catch the fish. The size of the hook being used should correspond to the type of fish being caught. Consider the following types of hooks below as you plan your sea angling trip.

1 - The O'Shaughnessy

This is a thick, standard-shaped hook with a strong bend. This hook is designed to be used in saltwater fishing and bottom fishing. This hook is available in various sizes from 3 to 19/0.

2 - The Aberdeen

This hook is constructed from wire that is shaped. It can bend out of and back into shape. The Aberdeen holds up well after a fish has been hooked. This type of hook are also available with differing shank bends in order to be sued with jig molds.

3 - The Circle

Circle hooks are designed to allow for catch-and-release fishing. This device needs no hook set and keeps the fish from becoming hooked in its gut. If hooked in the mouth of the fish, it will move to the corner and set itself, making it easier to reel in the catch.

4 - The Live Bait Hook

The shanks on live bait hooks are short making them less visible to the fish. The short shank also enables the live bait to move freely. They are available in regular and circular versions. Regular version live bait hooks will most likely become penetrated in the gut of the fish. Circle version live bait hooks allow the angler to catch and release the fish.

5 - The Baitholder

The baitholder hook has a ringed eye and 2 barbs in the shank. These features hold the bait in place. The baitholder hook works well with worm bait.

6 - The Kahle

The Kahle hook will bend if it gets caught on an underwater object, but it will not straighten after it has been caught on a fish. This hook also works well with live bait.