6 Ideas for Decorating with Removable Wallpaper

If you have a number of different ideas for ways to decorate a room, using removable wallpaper can help you to achieve this. By taking the practicalities of removable wallpaper into account, you can decide whether it will be useful for your own personal requirements.

1. Kitchen

Change the look of kitchen cabinets so that they match any decorative accents in the rest of the kitchen by adding removable wallpaper. This can be done to cover the entire surface of the cabinet fronts or individual strips can be fitted in strategic places. Similarly, you can cut out a pattern or shape that the wallpaper contains and use this to decorate the cabinets.

2. Temporary Decoration

There are a great number of situations in which a full redecoration will not be possible or appropriate, such as in dormitories or rental properties, and temporary wallpaper can be used on these occasions. By carefully applying the wall covering over the existing decoration, you can adjust the tone of the room to your desire and hide any unsightly aspects. This process can be used in a range of different rooms but is especially beneficial for a child’s room as it will enable you to easily change the decoration and the child gets older and their tastes change.

3. Dado Rail

If you have a dado rail fitted around the perimeter of your room, consider using strips of removable wallpaper to highlight it and add a colorful and decorative accent to it. This is possible either above or below the rail. Alternatively, if you do not have a dado rail you can add a strip in the position where a dado rail would normally go. Strips of wallpaper can also be used around the edge of the wall where it meets the ceiling.

4. Border

Using removable wallpaper strips is an ideal way to decorate the border of a variety of different fixtures. If you have a recess shelving unit, applying strips of the wallpaper to the border can help you to hide any untidy edges and add a decorative touch. This method can also be used around windows as well as the walls of a recessed window.

5. Design

The use of removable wallpaper is an way to create an unusual design and to create focal point in any room. For example, a room can be fully decorated before wallpaper is added to the lower half of the walls to create different look. Further, using a single strip of intricately patterned or dramatic wallpaper in a neutrally decorated room is a great way to add a highlight without the room becoming overbearing.

6. Doors

Adding decoration to doors can be achieved with the use of wallpaper. Cut the wallpaper to size so that it fits into the panels on doors to create a unique look. Alternatively, you can cover the whole door or add designs or patterns by using strips or patterns in accordance with the style of the wallpaper. Fitting wallpaper strips around door jambs and other openings can create a lovely design.