6 Ideas for Installing Lighting in a Bay Window

A bay window.

Though a bay window can be the cause of an increased flow of natural light into a room, there may be occasions when some additional lighting is required. No matter how the window is used, there is likely to be a lighting solution to match your needs.

1. Table Lamp

Where the bay window comprises a ledge, the simplest way to provide lighting is to make use of a table lamp. It will also be easier to move it into different positions according to your needs. Their wide availability means that you're likely to find both a lamp base and shade to complement the room's decor or match any theme that you may have created in the room.

2. Wall Lights

Consider installing adjustable lights on the walls adjacent to the window. This will enable the bay window to be indirectly lit by positioning the light head to the required angle. One light at each side of the window should be sufficient to produce the amount of light you require, and making them independently powered will allow you even greater control.

3. Spotlights

Fitting spotlights in the ceiling of the bay window is a modern and stylish way to provide lighting. Whether these are in the form of recess-mounted lights or the type mounted on stems, they can be effective in providing the light required. Because this type of installation requires work in order to extend the electricity supply, carefully plan the number of lights that are needed for your purposes. Think about how you use the window. For example, if you use it as a window seat, this option may be especially beneficial.

4. Surface Light

These lights are similar to those that can often be found in cupboards and other small spaces. They are quick and easy to install. This will be the best option if there is limited space in your window recess or if you want the lighting to be inconspicuous. Though these lights are small in size, they're powerful enough to meet all of your lighting requirements.

5. Ceiling Light

If you already have a ceiling light within the main body of the room, it may initially seem impractical to install another in the window recess. However, this can actually be a good idea to give you more lighting options in the room. Fitting the additional light so that it's operated by way of a switch or light pull that is separate from the main light will enable you to dimly light the room. Soft lighting in the room can be achieved by only switching on the light within the bay window. This will also enable you to make the window the focal point of the room.

6. String of Lights

A decorative way to light the bay window is to use a string of lights. They're easy to hang and can be rearranged whenever the mood takes you, which makes them a quick and easy option. The amount of light achieved can be increased by adding additional lights or simply amending the way in which they hang.