6 Ideas for Wedding Shower Gifts

There are many ideas for wedding shower gifts. Some are traditional like money or kitchen-wares while others are a bit more unique. Here is a list of 6 ideas for wedding shower gifts that will please any bride-to-be.

1. Money

When you aren't sure what she would like make a card and slip some money inside. Making the card will add a personal touch to an extremely traditional gift.

2. Kitchen-wares

Buying the bride a mixer or a blender or a toaster is not a thing of the past. Many brides still register for gifts that are practical and much needed. To spice up this traditional gift buy the mixer or blender that is a unique color like pink or green, and the toaster that has extra features. This attention to detail will make the gift extra special.

3. Home Decor

Many brides register at places that sell bedding and other items to decorate their new home. Buying items like pillows and sheet sets is an option that is practical and useful. Before the shower ask the bride what her favorite colors are or what ideas she has for decorating her new home. Having her thoughts on hand when shopping for your gift will allow you to personalize the gift to her taste.

4. Picture Frames

One of the first things that the new bride will look forward to in her new home is displaying her wedding and family photos. Giving her a gift that will be used to hold memories is traditional but much appreciated.

4. Digital Camera

The world is becoming more tech-savvy every day and buying the bride a digital camera is a non-traditional idea that will last for many years. You do not have to spend a ton of money on a digital camera to get one that is good quality. Search for a camera that offers several features including at least 6 mega pixls and a zoom feature. Attach a note giving her ideas to start taking pictures on her honeymoon and she'll really see how useful this gift will be.

5. Scrap-booking Kit

Scrapbooking has become increasingly popular. Giving the bride a kit that comes with paper, cutouts and stickers to create her own memories is a great non-traditional idea. She will find dozens of uses for this gift and will be able to start her photo collection with her wedding and honeymoon pictures.

6. Monogrammed Towel Set

A set of towels including wash clothes and hand towels with the couples monogram is unique and unexpected. Choose colors that are neutral such as beige or brown as these will match any decor and are timeless. Whether you buy the set already monogrammed or you embroider the initials yourself the idea of a gift that the couple can share is very thoughtful.

Whether you are buying a traditional gift or a non-traditional gift for the bride-to-be remember to add personal touches where ever possible with color or style that will personalize the gift for her. Don't be afraid to buy items that are not on the registry because a unique gift is appreciated just as much.