6 Interesting Building Permit Facts

There are many different types of building permits available for submission. You would be surprised to learn what is required and what is not required in the way of obtaining the proper permits. Below you will find 6 interesting and fun facts about building permits, as they pertain to home residences and home occupations.

Fact #1 - You Need A Building Permit for Demolition

Most people think that you only need to apply and receive a building permit for 'building' projects. However, you also really need to submit a plan if you are looking to tear down a structure or demolish a building. Just because you are not 'building' something, does not mean that you can forgo a building permit.

Fact #2 - Public Space Permits Are Needed

In many areas, you will need to apply for a public space permit. The public space permit will give you the ability to do things such as put a dumpster up in a public area, install a fence in a public area or erect a flagpole in a public space. The most common application of a public space permit is relative to the 'dumping' of a dumpster.

Fact #3 - You Can Apply Online

In many local municipalities, you can start and finish your entire application online. You will never need to see the inside of your municipal building unless you are dropping off construction plans or other paperwork that cannot be submitted with your online application. Call over to your municipal building to see if they have online access and application capabilities.

Fact #4 - Electrical and Mechanical - All Need Permits

Sometimes you may hear someone say that you only need a permit when you are adding a building, an addition or making exterior structural changes to your residence or building. This is just not so. In many municipalities, you are required to apply for an obtain a permit any time you look to update, install, change or remove portions of your electrical and mechanical systems in your home.

Fact #5 - Don't Dive without Checking the Permit

Usually we say make sure there is water before you dive into the pool. The same scenario holds true for designing and installing an in ground pool. You must make sure you have applied for and obtained the necessary permits for your in ground pool. Do not start the process until the permits have been obtained. Also remember, most pools must be fenced in. Fences also require permits and usually require a property survey in order for you to erect them in your yard.

Fact #6 - Selling Christmas Trees or Fireworks? You Need a permit!

Sounds funny doesn't it? Well, in most municipalities, if you are selling Christmas trees or if you are selling fireworks, you will need a permit to put up your tent and start tending to business. These permits are classified in the building codes section of many local townships and municipalities.