6 Large Scale Composting Ideas For Your Business

A composting bin.

Implementing large scale composting at your place of business is a great way to be green. Here are some ideas for composting at work.

1. Matter Control

You can control what is being composted. Any business that serves food can offer more vegan and vegetarian meals. By recycling more plant-based waste, you will produce fertilizer that is even more organic.

Your restaurant, hotel, or catering service could reduce waste by making smaller serving portions. Smaller portions will translate into less waste.

2. Aerated Static Pile (ASP) Method

The ASP Method allows for better aeration of the compost by piling the heap on top of pipes that have holes drilled into them in the bottom of the compost bin. The holes allow air to circulate throughout the compost without you having to turn over the entire pile. This is particularly useful for businesses with large amounts of organic waste that require fast decomposition and little maintenance.

3. Vermicomposting

Smaller businesses with less space can consider vermicomposting as this method can be equally as effective indoors as it is outdoors.

Create a worm farm by getting a large bin. You can buy one or build your own. Drill small holes along the sides of the bin and in the bottom to allow for drainage. Line the bottom of the bin with pebbles and small rocks. This will allow air to circulate. Lay some strips of loose, damp newspaper, creating a layer about 1-inch thick.

Then you add your redworms and waste materials. The worms will eat the waste and, in turn, produce castings. Replenish your waste as needed and remove the castings as needed to use as an organic fertilizer.

4. High Fiber Method

Businesses that discard large amounts of packaging or struggle to promote a paper-free environment will find many benefits in the high fiber method. This requires you to vigorously stir your compost heap to evenly distribute the materials throughout the pile. This is a good method to use if you have a lot of paper waste.

Avoid putting in paper that is glossy or covered in ink because the ingredients used to produce those inks and coatings are poisonous.

5. Sheet Composting Method

Businesses with an outside yard or decorative garden can make good use of the sheet composting method. It is probably the easiest method because all you have to do is put your waste materials directly on top of the soil that you want to fertilize. The compost also acts as mulch in this manner. Stir in a bit of alfalfa or mustard to serve as the dry components, and balance it by adding a green crop like clover to keep the alfalfa from robbing the soil of its nitrogen.

6. Vessel Method

In this method, the compost heap is enclosed in a large metal tank or a concrete container. This closed environment will give you better control over the air flow and temperature of the compost. Once again, this will see businesses better utilizing available space and promoting a greener working environment

With these methods, you can incorporate an eco-friendly lifestyle that extends into your business, whether it is small or large.