6 Lawn Decoration Ideas 6 Lawn Decoration Ideas

A Lawn is a marvelous open space that can sometimes demand to be filled. Some lawn decorations can also be functional.

1. Install a Scarecrow

Why not have your own scarecrow in your lawn? This will bring a nice rustic touch.

2. Ceramic Rabbits

Rabbits can be a pain in a lawn but ceramic ones are harmless and can bring a little lightness to an area.

3. Fountain or Sun Dial

A fountain or sun dial in the center of a lawn can really set everything off. A fountain will attract birds and the sun dial will give you a reason to stop working.

4. Stepping Stones

A set of stepping stones set into the lawn can be very intriguing – especially if they don’t go anywhere except round the lawn.

5. Croquet Hoops

Although not exactly a decoration, croquet hoops in a lawn certainly get a lot of attention.

6. A Maze

It isn’t necessary to have a maze built up with hedges. Why not develop a labyrinth using different colored grasses? This is a long term project but will hold interest for young and old alike.

Whatever you do with your lawn, if it doesn’t work you can always rub it out and start again.  


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