6 Luxury Loft Ideas That Won't Break The Bank 6 Luxury Loft Ideas That Won't Break The Bank

Do you ever get envious of all those people who have a luxury loft in some swanky new part of the city? Have you ever thought to yourself, "I'd like to have a nice loft like that!". A luxury loft is something that you would normally think you wouldn't be able to have. However, with a few ideas and some creativity you can have your own luxury loft also.

It's All in the Design

Luxury is really in the eye of the beholder. However, it is also found in the design. Most luxury lofts are really the end product of a design that someone created with a little vision and thought. When it comes to luxury lofts, there are no rules. You can choose from a traditional look, a retro style, or go minimalist with a more sleek contemporary approach.

Renovate an Older Loft

Once you know the basic design of what you want the loft to look like, you can then make it become reality. It is much easier to renovate an existing loft than to convert an old warehouse or industrial building. The amenities are already there, and you will only need to change out some of the older parts. This is where you can save the bulk of your money to put into other things like paint, lighting and furniture.

Choose Wall Textures Instead of Colors

Choosing a color is hard enough, so let it boil down the texture of the wall you want. You want a hard look with the original concrete, a smooth flow with some drywall and plaster or hard angles with metal as the framing material. Once you know the texture of the walls, then you begin to get a better handle on the colors of the room.

Minimum of Rooms

A loft is to be open with high ceilings and views of each room. However, some owners of luxury lofts are beginning to add walls to divide space. Separation of the sleeping area is a good choice if you are planning to put in walls. Keep in mind that the more rooms you add, the more cost you will have. Keep the minimalistic approach and keep it to one or two separate rooms.


A part of your luxury loft that can become quite an expense is the lighting you choose. If you plan to block of a lot of the area with new walls you can not take advantage of a loft's main feature--large windows. At night you will only need a few large lights in the center of the ceiling to provide the main lighting but you will want smaller lamps for focused, situational lighting.


Many people can go crazy when it comes to picking out luxury furniture. Keep in mind the overall scale of your loft. Too many pieces of furniture will make your loft look cluttered even when it is clean. Furniture that is too large for the space will feel awkward and out of place. A few nice pieces of furniture will make your loft look more luxurious than a lot of unnecessary pieces.

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