6 Metal Bed Headboard Design Tips

When someone walks into you bedroom, and you have a metal bed headboard, their eyes are going to be drawn to it instantly.  Often times, though you may not realize it, your bed is going to be the center of focus when anybody walks into your bedroom.  The bed is the biggest thing in the room and as such demands and commands the most attention.  As such, your bed frame is going to be a part of this, and so is your headboard.  Metal headboards are a very popular choice to go with nowadays, and there a several different designs that you can choose from to make your headboard unique.

Gothic Style

This style of headboard is typically done with Iron.  The ironwork is generally inspired by gothic styles that can themselves be linked back to classic medieval times.  You will notice that the designs tend to weave and flow together in a very fluid movement.  The style is both simplistic and ornate in the tiny offshoots that wind their way off the main flowing pieces that are crafted together.

Modern Style

These headboards are typically shorter.  While many headboards reach up high and are very wide, these are more condensed and cleaner than their taller cousins.  People, who consider themselves to be more modern, want a look of a sophistication and elegance.  These headboards offer an expensive looking by being made of high quality material with a metal finish.  The inner designs are very simplistic with mild designs within the structure itself.

White Headboards

White headboards are very close in similarities to traditional headboards. The biggest difference is the bold white color that they carry with themselves.  This is achieved by applying white enamel to the entire metal from of the headboard.  These are often the cheaper option to go with, as the enamel is an inexpensive means to add a bit of quality and sophistication to your bedroom.  These types of designs work well in traditional or contemporary bedrooms.  They carry simple designs with smooth clean lines, accented by the white covering. 

Traditional Headboards

Traditional headboards are often created using a range of gold, nickel or brass.  These are each then worn down, typically with sandpaper, so that it adds an antique look and feel to the metal.  These are typically very tall and thinly crafted headboards, with simple designs set within the center of the pieces. 

Brassed Headboards

These headboards are associated with beautifully crafter classic pieces.  Many of these pieces are considered timeless.  The brass designs are the most simplistic of all the designs.  Typically they are crafted with vertical or horizontal lines that run parallel with one another.  They are often accented with either a white or opal color at the tip of the brass to cap it off. 

The Perfect Selection

In the end, the perfect selection is going to be up to you and those around you.  Each of the designs present their own unique qualities and attributes.  The perfect match is going to depend on solely what your style and aesthetic feels is necessary.