6 Modern Pattern Combinations to Try with Decorative Cushions 6 Modern Pattern Combinations to Try with Decorative Cushions

When it comes to adding that extra warm touch and color to a room, soft furnishings is bound to do the job, particularly decorative cushions. Cushions, curtains, wall hangings, upholstery, throws and linen are all types of soft furnishings. Nonetheless, pillows and decorative cushions have the advantage of probably being the cheapest of all. Still, if chosen well, they definitely give that nice touch to your room. Besides their function of improving comfort as arm rests or for back support, cushions also give that extra color and finishing touch to your room.

Decorative cushions can be of various styles, colors and materials. They can be simple cotton cushions to patchwork, embroidered, or silk cushions. The choice of material and texture depends on the type of décor the particular room has where they will be placed. The choice of colors also depends on the other furnishings featured in the room, including the wall color, curtains and furniture.  


Embroidered cushions can feature several designs, from complex traditional creations to more modern patterns and styles. It is incorrect to connect embroidery solely with classy and traditional designs. Although embroidery on a cushion does help to give it a stylish touch, the pattern and colors used can be made as modern as you can imagine. After all, it is all a matter of creativity.


Patchwork is essentially traditional in its original context. However, with some creativity and an extra splash of bright colors, several more modern patterns can be made on cushions. Big, Bright and Bold are in and by combining a mishmash of materials and colors you can create a striking modern display.


The simple and light texture of cotton evokes an image of simplicity and vivacity which go hand in hand with modern designs and patterns, especially if the right colors are selected.


The silky material is associated with style and class. However, it can be used effectively to create a modern touch in decorative cushions if the pattern is designed in a contemporary and fresh style, especially with the use of colors. Mix and match contrast colors, like black and white, making use of geometric patterns and textures.


Stripes are naturally a simple, yet popular pattern in cushions. Through their simplicity, striped cushions can still blend traditional with modern looks. It ultimately depends on the choice of colors and the thickness of the stripes. Again, try combining stripes with bold color or make use of different stripe thicknesses. The wider the stripe, the bolder the look.

Printed Patterns

Cushions with a modern hint are usually printed in large patterns, such as large floral designs or intricate spirals, which are printed in lively and bright colors. Besides black, white and metallic colors, which are often associated with modern patterns, one often finds animal prints and intriguing geometric patterns.


Decorative cushions featuring a modern look can go beyond being the usual square-shaped ones. They can also be round with tufted buttons in the middle, more elongated, or in the bolster style which usually features bows. Modern decorative cushions can make a statement all on their own. They can be plush and soft, or rigid and upright. They can be dazzling and glittery, or light and vibrant. They can be artistic enough to be framed or fanciful and amusing focal pieces in any living room, sitting room or bedroom.

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