6 Most Common Wooden Deck Repairs

person staining deck boards with brush

Over the years you will probably have to make deck repairs.This article will explain some of the most common deck repairs people must do. Perhaps you will encounter some of these yourself.

Popped-Out Nails

A deck is a part of the house that usually sees a lot of use. During warmer weather, you may spend a lot of time socializing on the deck. As the seasons pass and your deck experiences more wear and tear, the most common issue you will face is that nails will become dislodged. The wood warps as the seasons change. And as you walk on the boards, you depress them. All of this activity causes the nails to come loose. This can be a health hazard as well as a structural hazard, so will need to address this issue when you complete deck repairs.

Staining and Sealing

Because of rain, snow, foot travel and countless other things, the stain and sealer on the wood deck will start to come off. This may be one of the easiest deck repairs you will encounter. You will need to sand the boards down and apply the stain to the wood again in several coats. Then you can finish up with the sealant to protect it from the elements for a few more seasons.

gloved hand staining deck with brushes

Anchoring Deck Stairs

The stairs on the deck likely get the hardest wear and tear. Unless the wood is horribly splintered or cracked, you can avoid completely replacing them by anchoring loose steps down. You can add several screws through the boards to the beams or installed metal brackets.

Post Replacement

Deck repairs do not get much more complicated than replacing a post. The pieces of lumber are, by far, the work horses of the deck as a whole. Replacing a deck post is complicated because you need to match the size of the post in both length and dimensions. You also have to brace the deck while you complete your work. You should not complete this job without making sure all of your measurements are precise, or you could wind up with an uneven deck.

Deck Board Replacement

Replacing deck boards as part of routine deck repairs is not uncommon. Over the years they become warped or damaged enough that need to replace them. If the bottom of the boards are in good shape, you could turn the boards over and save on materials cost. If you need to replace the boards, take measurements of their length, width and thickness.

Railing Repair

Weather can wreak havoc on all of the wood and won't spare the railings of the deck. Railings are larger pieces than the other wood. Once again, measure accurately so you can purchase a good replacement.