6 Outdoor Holiday Light Design Ideas 6 Outdoor Holiday Light Design Ideas

Besides getting together with family, enjoying gift giving and wonderful home-cooked meals, devising stunning and unique holiday light designs is the highlight of the season for many. Whether you have an unspoken rivalry with a friend or neighbor or simply enjoy decorating your home and yard in a festive way, holiday light designs can transform a house into a winter wonderland. While the possibilities are virtually endless with holiday lights, here are some basic design ideas to get you started.

1- Traditional Decoration

There are numerous designs you can undertake, all of which have an unmistakeably traditional look to them. Sometimes, simpler is better. Consider, for instance, framing front windows and the door with strings of lights. If your porch has posts or columns, create a lovely candy cane design by wrapping them with lights. Do as much or as little as you like. Whatever you choose, it'll give your home a warm, cozy holiday feel.

2- Decorating the Yard

In addition to adorning the front of the home, some enjoy stringing lights along a white picket fence or around trees or shrubs in the yard. There are several options for holiday yard decorations to follow, some of which require additional purchases. Without spending any more than what you'll pay for lights, sprucing up a yard with holiday lights adds a glowing vibrance to the overall decorative look.

3- Inflatable Features

Although it entails more expense, adding an inflatable feature in the front yard is a nice touch during the holiday season. Whether it's a reindeer, snow globe, snowman or otherwise, inflatable decorations augment lights. Some may have internal lights or can be illuminated with spotlights.

4- Framed Features

Another yard lighting alternative is to construct a holiday-themed frame. The advantage here is that the frame may be dismantled and stored for the next year, and the lights can be permanently affixed. When it's time to decorate, simply set up the decoration, make any repairs or adjustments and plug it in. You'll be amazed what you can accomplish with a jigsaw, some plywood, paint, lights and an active imagination. Again, depending on the design and available light, a spotlight may help to illuminate the decoration.

5- Musical or Animated Lights

For those who like a little more pizazz with their holiday designs, consider the use of an animated light show or one that incorporates festive holiday songs into the mix. Very basic programming modules are available that control lights. Depending on the complexity of the design, the animation may consist of a simple sequence of lights turning on and off, or it may show Santa's sleigh coming in for a landing. Light designs that shine while accompanied by carols or other holiday songs are especially nice. They make a festive decoration that much more spirited.

6- Solar-Powered Lights

Just because it's the winter time, it doesn't mean you can't go green. Thanks to solar-powered holiday lights, you can set up a beautiful design as simple or ornate as you please and consume no electricity in the process. Like other solar-powered lights, holiday strings are connected to a module that includes a battery and a photosensor. During the day it absorbs sunlight, stores the power and transfers it to the various lights come nightfall.

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