6 Plants that Thrive in Hanging Baskets

To get the most out of your hanging baskets, plant a mixture of plants that provide the trailing effect while still showing vertical growth. The following is a guide to six plants that thrive in hanging baskets.


Oxalis (wood sorrel) provides beautiful yellow and orange flowers for most of the summer. The foliage is very similar in appearance to clover and is bright green. Oxalis is a robust summer annual and also does well in window boxes. However, it does need to be carefully controlled or it will take over and stifle other plants.


Petunias produce a cascade effect with multiple blooms on each stem. They tend to take over their environment, so make sure you grow petunias in baskets by themselves. Some petunia stock (grandiflora) will produce much larger, though fewer blooms, and can be resistant to frost damage.


Dichondra is a true cascade plant that will provide a wealth of tumbling foliage in a lovely silver grey color. The plant seldom grows more than 6 inches high, but the stems can grow up to six feet long. Although quite spectacular by itself, dichondra is the ideal companion plant for any plants that don’t provide the full cascade effect. Dichondra likes full sun and is very water tolerant. If the plant is neglected and dries out, it will often make a rapid recovery with just a little water.


The trailing stems and globe-like blossoms of geraniums make them excellent hanging basket plants. They do best in conditions with full sun, but will also tolerate shady areas. Geraniums are perennials, but often do not make it through the winter. Even if you have to replant them, they grow quickly from seeds.


Although not typically associated with hanging baskets, impatiens (busy Lizzie) can provide vertical growth and a lovely cascading effect. The flowers are small, but bloom in great quantity and last for most of the summer. The plant is quite hardy and has an unusual method of dispersing seeds. When the seed pods are ripe, they explode when touched.


Fuchsia provides a mixture of scarlet and pink flowers on stems loaded with dark green foliage. The pendulous flowers stand out from the foliage, but tend to fall easily in high winds. Fuchsia comes in wide variety of styles and can have double or even triple blooms. The plant is very hardy and will often require very little trimming except to shape the growth.  

If you plant a combination of flowers, you can create a hanging basket with a mixture of colors and a lovely cascading growth.