6 Playground Safety Rules to Implement

Playground safety involves the implementation of certain rules and following precautions to prevent injuries to children. Each year, thousands of children are injured in playgrounds, sometimes fatally. Some basic safety rules can prevent most playground mishaps.

1 – No Drawstrings or Ropes

Clothing that has drawstrings or cords can pose a strangulation hazard. Likewise, skipping ropes must only be used a safe distance away from playground equipment.

2 – Wear Shoes at All Times

Shoes protect the feet from metal pieces, broken glass and other sharp particles on the ground.

3 – Wash Hands before Eating

Before eating in a playground, kids must wash their hands thoroughly. Germs, bacteria and chemicals from pressure treated wood and playground equipment can be dangerous if ingested.

4 – Do Not Slide Head First

Children must use a slide properly. Jumping from the top is dangerous, as is sliding in awkward positions.

5 – Do Not Crawl into Narrow Spaces

Kids must not explore narrow corners and gaps, because they may get stuck. Remove helmets in the playground, because it increases the risks of getting the head stuck.

6 – Stay Away from Moving Swings

Moving swings can cause serious injury to a child or adult in its way. Kids must understand this and wait for their turn at a safe distance.