6 Popular Window Film Designs

Window film is available in many different styles, and can help to diminish the UV rays that enter into a home or to provide decoration or privacy to your space. Solar window tinting provides UV protection as well as helping to eliminate excessive heat from entering into your building. There are many different types of window film and their applications are varied depending on where they are being used. Most styles can be installed by beginners with minimal difficulty. Be sure to follow the directions and tips on installing in order to prevent tears or bubbles in the film. Please continue to read and find out some of the more popular styles of window film.

Etched Glass Window Film

Etched glass window film can add detail to your glass. You can use it on interior or exterior doors and windows to provide a sense of privacy and design. Instead of using messy etching creams and stencils you can just order a film in a predetermined size to fit the space of your window or door. You can also use smaller versions to create a etched look to glass inside picture frames.

Stained Glass Window Film

Stained glass window film is available in many designs to help add a bit of flair or design to your space. There are designs that are floral or more classic with shapes and designs. The look is clear and not too bubbly but can be seen from both the front side and backside of the window. You can order pieces for the side windows as well as the main door windows.

Privacy Window Film

Privacy window film is meant to help provide privacy to an area without the benefit of blinds or window coverings. They can be anywhere from a frosted partial coating to a full blockage from both sides. Most privacy films allow viewing from one side and a limited or no view from the other.

Frosted Glass Window Film

Frosted glass window film is ideal when you still need to let light in but need some privacy. It provides the look of a frosted bathroom window, without the cost involved of ordering a specialized window for the room.

Deco Tint Window Film

Deco tint window film is a window film that has designs or a color added to it for design purposes. From orange, or purple, ivy to commercial designs, the possibilities for this type of film is limitless.

Border Films

There are window films available that you can use to decorate part of a window, top, bottom, sides or the whole border. These are not so much for privacy or UV protection as they are for style and design.

Most of these different types of films are available in static or adhesive designs. More of the do it yourself films are static to avoid making mistakes in placement, while the adhesive films are for the more experienced or professional film installers. There are films for cars, homes and businesses in different styles. Many tinted window films are available for cars while the more decorative designs are for homes. Businesses tend to lean towards privacy and protective films.