6 Portable Jewelry Display Design Ideas 6 Portable Jewelry Display Design Ideas

If you sell jewelry, you need to be able to show it off effectively at events such as crafts fairs with a portable jewelry display. You can buy ready-made cases but to make those sales, you really want your portable jewelry display to stand out from the alternatives. It’s much better, and much more effective, if you allow your creative side to take over to come up with a unique portable jewelry display idea.


A design that's as simple as it can possibly be! Trays are wonderful to use as a portable jewelry display. Rather than just resting the jewelry on them, it is possible to go one step further; fill the trays will dried beans (the neutral color of cannellini beans works especially well) and display your jewelry on top of it.

Mesh Screens

Find an old mesh screen that’s completely intact and set it in a wooden frame. Sand and repaint the frame with an interesting design or bright color then hooking earrings through the mesh of the screen as a means of displaying them.


Tree branches can make an interesting portable jewelry display. You need to be careful because you don’t want a branch that’s too big. You will also need to secure the branch to a wooden base so it will stand upright without any danger of it tipping over. There will need to be enough smaller branches to use for displaying your jewelry.

Make sure you clean all of the dirt from the tree branch before you use it as a portable jewelry display. Surprisingly, the effect of jewelry on branches can be very startling and inviting.


A portable jewelry display doesn’t just need to sit on a table. It can also hang in the air. Take 2 broom handles and drill holes through each of them, making sure you keep the same dimensions on both poles. String wire from one pole to the other by using the holes. Drive 1 pole into the ground so it sits firmly. Extend to the length of the wire then drive the other pole in to the same depth. You can now use the wires as a portable jewelry display.


If you live near the sea, you can take a walk along the beach where you have easy access to both seashells and sand. You need shells that are about 4 inches to make this portable jewelry display.

Put a cloth down on the display table. Now, spread some sand across the cloth. You don’t need to use a great deal; just enough to suggest a beach scene. Lay your shells out as you choose then put your jewelry in the shells.


Look in hardware stores for wooden key cases like those you’d put on the wall at home. Ideally, you want to try and find one with between 16 hooks and 20 hooks. Repaint the case and be extravagant with your designs to make it stand out. You now have a ready portable jewelry display. Simply use the hooks in the key case to hang your jewelry. When you’ve finished, simply close the lid and you’re ready to go.

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