6 Questions to Ask your Wedding DJ 6 Questions to Ask your Wedding DJ

If you have decided to hire a wedding DJ for your big day, prepare a list of questions to ask them before you sign the contract or prepay them for their services. The same interview process you apply to other hired services for your wedding you should apply to the wedding DJ. They are in the business of helping to make your wedding day as special as possible, so you have a direct incentive and every right to demand the utmost satisfaction from them. The fact that they charge up to several thousand dollars for their services is reason enough to inquire of them everything you need to know.

Questions for the Wedding DJ

These are a few ideas of questions that you should ask the prospective wedding DJ for your reception. By all means, think of others if you have a specific need, but this list encompasses the basics.

  • Cost: First and foremost, ask them what they charge for their services. Determine if they charge a flat rate or an hourly fee. Wedding receptions can run anywhere from two to six hours, so if they charge by the hour, you might be able to save some money if your reception is on the short side.

  • Additional Fees / Stipend: Ask them if they charge any extra fees for travel expenses. This is fairly common, especially if they have to travel a long distance. If the wedding is taking place within the city limits, they should waive any travel expenses.

  • Song Catalog: Inquire about the type of music they will play. Ask them if you will determine the play list or if that is up to them. Ask them if they take requests from wedding guests and what type of media they have available. For instance, if they use CDs, they may not have every song requested, but if they have access to I-tunes, they should be able to get any song requested. If you want to control the music selection carefully, ask them for a hard copy of the songs they plan on playing.

  • Microphone Use: Ask them if the best man, father of the bride, etc. will be allowed to use the microphone and if they plan on setting up a microphone at all. A wedding DJ should provide that kind of equipment.

  • Setup: Ask them how much time they will need to set up their gear before the reception begins. This may factor in importantly to the overall cost of renting the establishment. If they need to be there an hour or more before guests arrive, your rental fee might increase.

  • Special Arrangements: Ask them if there is anything special they need from you. You’re paying them for their services, but it’s a nice gesture to offer your assistance in this way.

A wedding DJ is one option for the music services at your wedding. A DJ is arguably superior to a live band in that you know exactly what songs you will get and will not be subject to the interpretation of a band. Before you hire a DJ, though, ask plenty of questions so that you are completely satisfied that you are getting exactly the kind of service you want.



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