6 Reasons Bath Towels Begin to Smell

Bath towels are an essential personal care item. This is because they allow you to dry yourself after a bath which completes the bath routine. Towels come in various sizes, colors and textures. Proper care of towels is important as it helps to maintain them in good condition. It also boosts personal hygiene which is essential if you want to promote overall good health. If proper care is neglected, bath towels can begin to give odors. Various factors can account for smelly towels.

1.   Mildew

You’re sure to detect a mildew odor from towels that have developed mildew. A washing machine that contains mildew can easily transfer this to towels. It is a good idea to use a washer cleaner periodically to rid your machine of mildew. This helps to prevent transfer of mildew onto your towels.

2.   Excessive Detergent

When too much soap is used during laundry it becomes more difficult to rinse the towels properly. Your towels are likely to end up with remnants of soap. Towels are thick and require to be rinsed thoroughly. When not rinsed well, it leaves traces of dirt and soap in the fabric. This encourages bacteria that cause odors.

3.   Prolonged Time in Washer

When you leave your towels in the washer after the cycle is complete, the towels develop a musty smell. It also increases the likelihood of mildew transfer onto the towels, especially if the washer has mildew. It is best to remove the towels from the washer as soon as the washer comes to a stop. Transfer the towels to the dryer and set it hot enough for the towels to dry completely.

4.   Machine Overloads

An overloaded washer is unlikely to wash effectively. Too many clothing items together with towels hinder proper circulation of soap and water. This causes the towels to come out with a smell. It is best to wash bath towels separately and wash a few at a time for an effective wash.

5.   Cool Wash

When cool water is used to launder towels, it leaves much of the bacteria that cause odors intact. It also encourages further bacteria growth. This leads to persistent odors from the towels. It is best to use hot water when you launder bath towels. This removes as much of the dirt, grease and bacteria as possible. It also helps to limit odors.

6.   Dampness

This may be caused if the towels are stored in a humid area which causes moisture retention on the fabric. Towels need to be dried well when laundered as well as after use. Moisture left in the towels encourages bacteria to develop which causes odors. It is a good idea to hang the towels in an open area after use.

This helps to dry the towels and prevent odors. Spread the towels out on the towel bar so that they dry faster. If you’re unable to hang them outside be sure to leave the bathroom door and window open to encourage circulation of fresh air. It also helps if you do not leave dirty towels too long in the hamper before you launder. The dampness encourages mildew to develop.