6 Reasons to Add a Cold Storage Room

A cold storage room is a great place to store fresh fruit and vegetables so that they keep for longer. The idea of these rooms is that they will stay much cooler than normal room temperature which makes them ideally suited to keeping all sorts of perishable items.

These rooms need to be designed carefully so that they can benefit from natural temperature differences. Before refrigerators and freezers a cold storage room was at the height of food storage technology.

1. Ideal for Storing Fruit

If you have fruit trees in your garden or like to buy fruit in bulk from a local farmers market then you might want to use a cold storage room to make sure that it keeps for as long as possible. Fruit left at room temperature can go off very quickly which is why cold storage rooms are ideal.

Any fruit lover will really enjoy the benefits that a cold storage room offers as it means you can enjoy fruit for longer without having to make it into jams and preserves.

2. Ideal for Storing Vegetables

Cold storage rooms are also perfect for storing vegetables from your garden or local farmers market. These can store any type of vegetable although they are better at storing root vegetables such as carrots and potatoes.

These cold storage rooms can also be used to store canned produce which while it may last longer before it goes off, is best stored cold.

3. Freeing Up Space

When people started getting refrigerators in their homes they often took out their cold storage rooms. However these cold storage rooms can actually be ideal for freeing up some space in your refrigerator. Not everything needs to be kept in the fridge but does benefit from cooler temperatures.

If your house already has a cold storage room and you're currently using it for something else then you might want to consider reclaiming the space for your food. Cold storage rooms really can be very useful.

4. Backup

While your fridge may get colder than a cold room it is reliant on electricity. If you ever have a power cut then you will find that your fridge won't work properly. A cold room however will always work, and that's another important reason why you might want to consider installing a cold storage room in your house.

A cold room is also completely reliable, it is something that, unlike your refrigerator, will never break. No matter what happens you will always have your cold storage room and it will always keep your food.

5. Accessible

One of the best features about a cold storage room is that they are very flexible. They can be made any size or shape and can have many more shelves than your fridge. This will make it much easier to display and find what you are looking for.

6. Saving Money

We all waste hundreds of pounds each year on food that we throw away, not only is this costly but it's also a waste of perfectly good food. By using a cold storage room it should be possible to make our food last much longer and minimise the amount of waste we all create.

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