6 Reasons To Build A Detached Garage

A garage is a convenient and helpful element for living, prompting many to make the effort to build a detached garage. The benefits of safety and cost savings often outweigh those of an attached garage, and a covered breezeway can be added to provide shelter from the elements as needed.  

Reasons to Build a Detached Garage

  1. The position of the home or lot does not allow the space for an attached garage.
  2. The architectural style of the home isn’t conducive to an attached garage.
  3. A detached garage separates the home from potentially hazardous accidents or fires if flammable or harmful chemicals are kept in the garage.
  4. The cost can be less than adding on to an existing structure, depending on the style of the garage.
  5. A garage used as a workshop needs to be detached from a house because noise or health concerns.
  6. Insurance costs are less for the detached garage.

Building a detached garage will also enhance the layout of the property and add additional storage for a home that needs to expand. Consulting with a contractor for the best options and estimates will be essential. The decision to build a detached garage will provide added security and design elements for any property.