6 Reasons To Consider Cork Laminate Flooring

Cork laminate flooring is cork flooring with several coats of acrylic matte and/or gloss finish. This preserves those advantages of cork flooring while making it easier to clean and harder to damage.

Advantages of Cork Flooring

Even without the extra coating, cork flooring has a number of advantageous features.

  1. Environmental friendliness – Cork flooring is made using the outer layers of tree bark, usually the tree bark taken from cork oak trees. The bark is harvested once every nine years, which gives the trees more than enough time to regrow it. Not only does it not require anyone to chop down any trees, but the same trees can be used over and over again without any long-term harm.
  2. Sound and vibrations reduction – Cork flooring contains tiny compartments that seal the air inside, keeping the sounds from spreading beyond its immediate source. In other words, you won’t make much noise when you walk on it. It is also useful in rooms where heavy vibrations are common – it reduces that vibrations’ impact using the same principle.
  3. Warmth and insulation – Cork flooring traps heat, which makes the flooring feel warm. It also helps to keep the heat from escaping outside the room.
  4. Fire resistance – cork is naturally fire-resistant. It also does not release any toxic gases in combustion.
  5. Impact resistance – cork membranes are flexible. If the weight is placed upon it’s surface, it bends, but it recovers shortly after the weight is lifted.   It can recover from everything to a heavy piano to the weight of a high-heeled shoe.
  6. Water resistance – because of the way it’s structured, cork flooring doesn’t have any room for the water to seep through. That prevents the flooring from getting warped and protects the sub-floor structures that are underneath it.

Advantages of Coating

In cork laminate floors, the coating adds an extra layer of protection. While it can recover from impact, it is vulnerable to small cuts. It also makes the floor easier to clean. All you have to do is wipe it with a wet cloth, a sponge or a mop. The coating does reduce some of the cork’s natural softness, but all the other properties are retained.