6 Reasons to Install Blackout Roller Blinds

Upgrading from your normal blinds to blackout roller blinds is a great idea if privacy is of concern to you. Many reasons exist for you to choose blackout roller blinds over buying the usual blinds. The article that follows will provide you with a list of valid reasons as to why blackout roller blinds are a good idea for your home.

Inexpensive Cost

There are dozens of window shades out there that you can choose from. Some are really inexpensive but others can cost a lot of money. Blackout roller blinds fall in the cheap category but not so cheap that they are of poor quality. The reason they are cheap is because blackout roller blinds are simple when compared to others blind systems like Roman or layered blinds. If you purchase from a warehouse store or outlet you may be able to get a cheaper price if you purchase one for each of your windows.

Easy to Install

One problem with other blinds is that they are hard to put up. There are a series of brackets, lots of measuring and fighting with the blinds. Blackout roller blinds are composed of a single unit that sits comfortably on two brackets that are easy to install. All you need to do is measure the width of the window and buy the right size of blinds.

Simple to Use

Window blinds are easy to use but blackout roller blinds surpass that by being simple to use. Other blinds require you to pull a series of strings at different angles to adjust the height of the blinds or to lower them. In the end it seems like you are a puppeteer trying to control it with a bunch of tangled strings. Blackout roller blinds only need to have the shade pulled down and released to stay in place. Pull the blind down again slight and pull up and the blind will rise. That is by far simpler than using several strings to try and maneuver the blinds.

Complete Privacy

If complete privacy is your goal then blackout roller blinds should be on your shopping list. Unlike other window blinds you cannot see through or peak around blackout roller blinds. Most window blinds are made from white plastic and layered together with string supporting them. If the sun hits the blinds right they become somewhat transparent. You can also get close enough to look between the crack and around the blinds.

Saves Energy

Blackout roller blinds effectively block out sunlight regardless of how direct it is to your window. This fact alone will help keep the room a few degrees cooler. This, of course, will prevent you from having to turn on heaters or air conditioners which will save you money.

Easy to Clean

Window blinds do attract dust and most blinds you'll have to use a feather or nylon duster to remove it. This causes dust to get in the air. Blackout roller blinds are typically made from a canvas material which is easily cleaned by simply wiping the dirt off with a towel.