6 Reasons to Install Eaves

Eaves overhang over the sides of the building as part of the installation of a roofline. They help to direct the water off the roof and away from the home so water damage does not occur on the roof or throughout the basement. Below are several reasons why you should install eaves on your home.

1 - Provide Additional Ventilation

Eaves help to add additional ventilation to the roofline. The eaves work to dry the excess moisture that accumulates in and around the roof. When the roof does not dry out properly, mildew and moisture begin to accumulate and the roofline will develop mold. If the mold gets bad enough, it can extend below the roofline and attack the sheathing material. As you install your eaves, make sure there is plenty of ventilation.

2 - Remove Water

The eaves help to remove rainwater away from the roofline and into the soffits of the home. Without the eaves, water could accumulate on the roofline. The eaves are an essential component to any rainwater management system of the home.

3 - Add Curb Appeal

The eaves on the roof add an additional component to the architecture of the home. The eaves can be sweeping in style and can elongate over and around the roofline. This is a typical construction for homes inspired by deep sweeping and symmetrical lines. There are styles of eaves that apply to farmhouse styles or the early Dutch look. Pick the eaves that work best with the style and type of house you have.

4 - Extend the Life of the Roof

The eaves help to extend the useful life of the roof and roofline. They should not be over looked when designing and building your home. Each component of the home is important and that includes the eaves. If you want to make sure your roof has a useful life of at least twenty years, then make sure you incorporate eaves into the design.

5 - Improve Gutter System

Eaves are a part of a well-functioning gutter system. When installing your gutters and downspouts, make sure you also incorporate the installation of the eaves. The eaves will help to collect the rain water and direct them into the downspouts. The eaves provide the additional surface area necessary for your gutter system.

6 - Improve Exhausting System

The eaves are also a part of the exhausting system in the home. They help to vent out the heat from the attic. Sweltering heat build up in the attic is not good for the home and it makes the air conditioner works a lot harder when hot air gets trapped in the attic and when it has very little area for it to escape. The eaves help the heat to remove from the home.